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About Christian Aid

What is the primary purpose of Christian Aid ?
To establish a witness for Christ in every unreached nation, as well as to encourage and strengthen evangelical Christianity in nations where Christians are persecuted or few in number.

Does Christian Aid "use the nationals"?
Absolutely not. Foreign missionaries who hire local citizens to work for them coined this phrase. Many foreign organizations lure workers from indigenous groups that have no funds to pay them, and turn them into hirelings. This neo-colonial practice has decimated local groups and hurt the cause of Christ in many nations. Christian Aid does not use Christians in other countries, but we do send help that enables them to do the job God has given them to do.

How Does Christian Aid get the job done?

How do you visit groups on the field?
Christian Aid area directors and other staff have traveled to many countries to visit indigenous groups to verify the ministry first hand. Some staff missionaries were born in the countries they represent, and thus when they return “home” they are able to communicate in the national language. In some countries Christian Aid has mission surveyors who visit groups to see the work in operation. They are able to see the mission headquarters, and observe native missionaries at work on the field.

About Indigenous Missions

How do you define the term "indigenous"?
It means "native to the land." Indigenous Christianity is not an imported denomination or other foreign organization. A palm tree from Panama transplanted in Pennsylvania will not survive because it is not indigenous. But fertilizer from Pennsylvania applied to the palm tree in Panama will cause it to thrive in its native soil. Likewise, financial help from believers overseas can strengthen an indigenous ministry.

Don't we first need to train the nationals before putting them on the field?
Thousands of indigenous ministries operate Bible institutes and missionary training schools that provide practical field experience with focused classroom teaching. Christian Aid supports more than 50 Bible institutes in China that have trained and sent out tens of thousands of native Chinese missionaries. Many native missionaries have also opted to study abroad at evangelical colleges and seminaries in America, Canada and Europe.

About Sponsorship

Why can't indigenous mission boards provide support for their own workers?
The majority of these mission boards are based in lands of abject poverty. A billion people, including many evangelical Christians in Asia, Africa and Latin America, cannot find jobs that will provide cash income. They stay alive by growing tiny plots of rice, fishing or hunting insects. Those who do have paying jobs give generously and sacrificially; however, their wages are so low that the total sum of their tithes and offerings may only be a few dollars a week.