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How To Get Your Church Involved

Supporters of indigenous missions understand how native missionaries can cost-effectively share the message of Christ within their own nations better than Western missionaries but your home church needs to understand the difference between traditional missions and indigenous missions.

As a concerned member of your church congregation, why not take it upon yourself to develop a strategy to influence your pastor or missions committee to reconsider the types of missions in the Non-Western world it currently supports.

How do I convince my Church to consider supporting Indigenous Missions Groups all around the globe?

The first step in influencing your pastor and congregation is to provide information. Christian Aid can provide valuable resources on the benefits of supporting native missions, the philosophy behind this concept, and ways that native missionaries have planted churches in their countries. You may request videos, DVDs, and printed materials, which are provided freely by Christian Aid.

You may want to meet with your church’s mission committee and share the information with them. Pray that the Lord would enlighten their hearts to the wisdom of supporting indigenous missions.

If you feel strongly about your church supporting indigenous missions but your church does not have a missions committee then you may need to be open to building a small team of people who support the cause of indigenous missions.

You can cultivate an interest in missions among your congregation by distributing copies of Christian Aid’s Prayerline-a list of native missionaries’ prayer requests-each month for the members of the congregation to read and pray about.

You may encourage people to become aquainted with indigenous missions by asking your church for permission to briefly present this concept to your congregation. One tip is to set up a table beforehand with Christian Aid literature that your congregation can browse.

You can even request that Christian Aid send a speaker to make a direct presentation to your church.

Opportunities to Give

Once your church has become acquainted with and supportive of indigenous missions, there are several ways to send support.


Christian Aid has the names of hundreds of native missionaries who need ongoing monthly support. Your church can receive the names and photos of any number of them and immediately begin supporting those already at work in their particular country.

Special Offerings

Christian Aid publishes a list of specific needs of native missionaries, such as boats, bicycles, motorcycles, Bibles, church buildings, orphanages, Bible institutes and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Special missionary offerings can meet one or more of these needs for a missionary ministry overseas.

Raising Support

Suggest specific projects for fundraising activities to your ministry leaders. Car washes, lawn mowing, bake sales, auctions or dinners are all ways to raise support for indigenous missions in poorer countries and closed lands.

Adopt a Mission Board

Missions conscious churches in America are encouraged to "adopt a mission board" by choosing a specific indigenous group and sending support for it through Christian Aid. Donor churches will receive information about the ministries they support, often including photographs of individual missionaries and ongoing reports about the work they are doing.