September 27, 2013

Feasting on God´s Word . . . Literally

by Brittany Tedesco

The other day I opened my Bible to the book of Ezekiel and read the passage where God commands Ezekiel to literally eat a scroll containing His Word. Fortunately for him, the scroll tasted sweet.

I immediately thought of *Bayani Leyson.

Bayani is a ministry leader from the Philippines who spends his time sharing the gospel with primitive tribes in the island jungles that comprise the country´s archipelago. Some of these tribes are cannibalistic.

You´d think cannibals would be the most dangerous thing Bayani would encounter in those jungles. But the communist New People´s Army can sometimes present a more formidable threat. Their concealed campgrounds are scattered throughout the thick foliage, and they don´t take too kindly to strangers. If captured by them, a person´s very survival can depend upon whether or not he has a gift (read: bribe) for them. Bayani usually does. One time it was a few bottles of amoxicillin.

But one time, he was empty-handed.

Closing in around him, members of the New People´s Army took out their weapons. One of them grabbed the Bible from Bayani´s hand. “This is it,” he thought, “I´m dead.”

But oddly enough, instead of killing Bayani, the leader of that particular camp tore a page from Bayani´s Bible and ordered him to eat it.

Bayani placed the crumpled page into his mouth, and began chewing…and chewing…and chewing.

Unlike Ezekiel´s scroll, Bayani described his “scroll” as “a little dry.” He joked with our staff during a visit to Christian Aid that the page could´ve used some salt.

Thus, Bayani, after literally swallowing God´s Word, managed to escape the communists completely unscathed. Paper isn´t even harmful to the digestive tract. I know because I recently ate some.

A few days ago, I headed to my favorite pizzeria for two slices of plain cheese. My mouth watered as the slices were handed to me, right out of the oven. But as I was about to take a bite, I noticed the grease pooled on top of the cheese. No matter. Napkins would soak that up. I threw some on the pizza, closed the box, and went next door on a quick errand. When I came back to my pizza, I found that the napkins had adhered to the hot cheese. The only way to remove the napkins from the pizza was to remove the cheese right along with it. A terrible first world problem.

But then…Ezekiel came to mind. Bayani came to mind. I ate the pizza AND the napkin. Not half bad. Thanks guys!

*name changed for security