October 8, 2013

Exercising while working could make a big difference in the life of an out-of-shape office dweller

by Brittany Tedesco

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been into healthful living, and regularly sends me emails containing health-related tips. Most of them are helpful. Some, not so much (all-natural deodorant for instance).

Lately, she´s been sending little hints about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Apparently it´s as harmful to the body as smoking. “Yikes,” I thought as I typed away, shoulders stooped over my keyboard, barely stopping to take a bite of the lunch that sat next to my computer.

This problem isn´t unique to me – the Christian Aid staff is busy. Wearing several different hats, many staff members are pulled in multiple directions each day. My boss´s roles include web developer, leadership committee member, and staff counselor. When is he supposed to be less sedentary?

It´s tough to pause for a leisurely stroll outside when there´s work, work, work to be done.

Last spring, however, Christian Aid´s benevolent president took notice of our sedentary predicament and instituted an optional exercise break. Our 30-minute break was scheduled every Thursday, when staff members could choose one of three groups in which to participate. Those who felt uncertain about walking through the nearby wooded trail inhabited by homeless felons walked with the “safe” group.

It went well. . .for a while. But then spring turned into summer. The idea of stepping into the blazing heat and humidity in our office attire seemed less than desirable to some. I sweat a lot and didn´t particularly want to spend the rest of the day marinating in body odor. Plus, I never remembered to bring a change of clothes to the office. And, you know, it would take me extra time to change into and back out of them anyway.

Complication followed complication...which led to the cancellation of our exercise break.

So here I sit, typing in hunchback-position as osteoporosis undoubtedly gnaws away at my skeletal structure.

Yesterday, my mom sent me a link to a treadmill-desk. Apparently cutting-edge companies around the country are installing these in their employees´ offices. I imagined all of us at Christian Aid, doing our work while sauntering on treadmill-desks, troubles behind us. We could even line them up side-by-side for treadmill-desk races. Friendly competition. Office camaraderie. Physical fitness.

Your gift toward a treadmill–desk can provide all of the above to a needy office worker suffering from bone loss, flabby posterior region, and afternoon slump. For about the same cost as your morning cup of coffee, you could be enabling us to drink our morning coffee. . .on treadmill-desks.

Just kidding, of course!!

Michael (Brittany's coworker) - posted October 11, 2013
My wife does exercises at work at her desk all day. There are dips to be done, squats to happen and don't forget to do your curls with your stapler !!

Dee (Brittany's mom) - posted October 10, 2013
You have made me laugh most of your did not disappoint me today! We'll need to talk more about that treadmill-desk. You know, if you gave up that coffee, which isn't so good for you, you could save up enough money to buy one...just kidding, of course!!