October 18, 2013

My Most Favorite Person Ever

by Brittany Tedesco

We all have our favorites. . . those people at work or church, in our friend circles or even in our families who we just seem to have more of an affinity for than others. It´s pretty normal and, I think, unavoidable. It turns ugly, however, when we show partiality.

God in His Word tells us multiple times that He shows no partiality and that we shouldn´t either. He knows it´s in our human natures to do so. We tend to cozy up to the people who can offer us something in return, tangible or otherwise, that we perceive as valuable.

Jesus didn´t do that when He walked on earth. He was no respecter of persons. He showed kindness to people who were completely unable to reciprocate. In my natural, unspiritual state, I´m so unlike that. . . as evidenced by the homemade card I prepared for the person who made the cupcakes shown in the photo to the right.

A card with a winky face proclaiming “You´re My Most Favorite Person Ever!” shows partiality. I admit.

But does a blog post? No? Okay then.

The favorite person to whom I´m referring is Toni Tanner, who co-manages the Christian Aid guesthouse with her husband. She is a gift from heaven, and prepares increasingly delectable delights for us to consume every week after staff meeting. I thoroughly enjoy them and would like to ensure that these treats continue (winky face).

Kim- posted October 28, 2013
I have no doubt Toni will be a Heavenly Kingdom Hostess!!!
Mom!- posted October 22, 2013
That's my girl!!
Toni Tanner - posted October 22, 2013
I am totally taken aback that you would blog about me. I cook and bake from the heart and the treats WILL continue.