December 03, 2013

God Works it Out

By Brittany Tedesco

As Christmas approaches, a little boy decides to surprise his mother with the gift of a pretty necklace. He has some money saved but he´ll need dad´s assistance to drive him to the store. His father smiles and agrees to help.

As the boy shakes out his piggy bank, the father begins counting the nickels, dimes, and pennies–a grand total of $3. Unaware of how much a nice piece of jewelry costs, the boy asks his father if he has enough for the gift. “Not quite, son,” his dad replies, “but I´ll help.”

After a car ride to the jewelry store, dad lets his son choose a necklace. . . and then makes up the $57 difference.

When Christmas Day comes–even though the father contributed 95 percent toward the cost of the necklace–the boy gets the “credit” (hugs and kisses from mom) for the gift.

Christian Aid´s South Asia Director, Sarla Mahara, has often told us in staff meetings that she´s convinced God multiples the financial support we send to the indigenous ministries we assist. Every year, she and her assistant review the overall amount sent to each ministry and what each ministry was able to accomplish with that sum.

She´s consistently astonished, she told us, as time and again she finds that the ministry was able to do far above what the dollar amount we sent would have enabled them to do. Whether it be to start an agricultural project to feed orphans, drill multiple wells to open doors for the gospel in unreached villages, build a clinic in a region without any form of healthcare, or even just the sheer number of souls led to Christ.

The dollars and the results don´t add up. I don´t think they often do in God´s Kingdom.

God takes our finite resources and multiplies them into something wonderful. Donors pray and contribute toward the cost of a piece of land needed by a ministry on which to build a children´s center. The amount isn´t quite enough. . . and then God prompts the landowner to give it to the ministry for free. A children´s center is then built, but the number of children the ministry takes in generates expenses they can´t quite cover. . . and the resources miraculously expand.

The Lord leads us, clutching our $3, up to the jewelry counter and lets us participate with Him to bring about something beautiful. Though our gift may seem as though it wouldn´t begin to cover the cost of the need, mysteriously and exquisitely, God works it out.

He sees our willingness to help and He sees the faith of those waiting for His provision. He invites both parties to join Him in His plan, and both parties are credited with a rich reward.

Karen- posted December 05, 2013
This Precious Truth in my personal Life as well, causes me to Rejoice and find Hope in Giving whatever small Gifts I'm Enabled To, by Our LORD, The Greatest Giver! Thank You for JESUS, LORD!!! O:-) And thank You for what you are doing so Faithfully, Christian Aid! GOD Bless Us All and Merry Christmas.