February 25, 2014

Let's Keep the Party Going

By Brittany Tedesco

“There´s only one thing that we´re sure about that can make those angels jump and shout. It´s when a sinner makes the Lord his choice, that´s when the angels rejoice.”

Some of you may recognize that line from a snappy little Gaither Vocal Band song that was popular back in the ‘80s. Actually I´m not sure if it was popular or if my mom just had it on continuous replay when I was a kid, because I still remember nearly every word of that song even though it´s been decades since I last heard it.

The band goes on to sing that the angels didn´t dance around when the light bulb first lit up a town. They didn´t “blow ol´ Gabriel´s horn” when the first computer was born. They didn´t even sing an “angelic tune” when the man stepped on the moon.

As corny as it is, that song got the message across: angels celebrate when a sinner gets saved.

My mom reminded me of this fact, spoken of by Jesus in Luke 15:7, when I recently texted her news that someone very close to me accepted Christ as Savior.

We know there´s joy in heaven over just one soul, so imagine the jubilation when more than one person enters the Kingdom—when dozens or even hundreds at a time accept the Lord Jesus.

Christian Aid supports missionary work done by locals in their own countries because we believe they're more effective–that they have the capacity to bring more souls into the Kingdom in less time–precisely because they have fewer hurdles to cross than foreigners do.

In other words, they're keeping the party going in heaven. And we help them do it.

How do we help them? Step 1: we send them financial assistance. Step 2: we stay out of their way.

We were recently visited by a marketing genius who gave us some helpful instruction. As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post, some people would consider Christian Aid a “best kept secret.” But we're taking baby steps and getting lots of advice on how to make it a non-secret.

“What makes your organization unique?” he asked us.

“Oh I know! I know!” I shouted as I shot my hand into the air, bobbing up and down in my my mind.

“Let your unique thing be your message” he said.

I'd like to shout our unique thing from the rooftops, but for now I´ll summarize it for you here in six words (seven if you´re weird about the contraction): we're not the boss of them.

“Them” being the native missionaries we help. And “not the boss” meaning we don't employ them to work for us. We don't impose our agenda on them or tell them how to do ministry. We don't attach any strings to the funding we provide, other than ask for a report on how the funding was used.

Quite literally, we observe their work, listen to their vision, and get behind them with the financial assistance they need. We're like a stealth ninja working behind the scenes. No one sees us. You're not going to find an orphanage or church building with Christian Aid Mission's name on it. We don't own any part of the ministries we assist—they are still 100 percent in control.

Nearly all of the ministry leaders we help were actively involved in missionary work before Christian Aid discovered them, and would have found a way to continue whether or not we began assisting them. Many had already received offers to partner with other organizations (funding offered in exchange for a stake in the ministry). Equally as many turned down these offers, choosing instead to fulfill their visions slowly and steadily with few resources.

I've heard from many native missionaries how incredulous they were to learn that Christian Aid wanted to help them accomplish their goals...and help them do it their way. We trust their way is better than anything we could come up with.

And the proof is in the numbers. Many souls are hearing the gospel from someone of the same ethnicity, in a way they can understand. And many are responding.

We´re giving the angels something to celebrate.

Because like those Gaither guys sang, “Heaven doesn´t strike up the band for any old occasion at hand.”

But oh the party they must have when lost souls come back Home.

Dot - posted February 28, 2014
Thank you for sharing Christian Aid's vision in such a clear and concise way. I feel so blessed to get to be in on the 'secret'! Go Gaither's!