March 04, 2014

Take Part in Upheaval

By Jackie Peake

An enthusiastic group of couples sat in their first Lamaze class taking turns introducing themselves. A beaming father-to-be caused the entire class to laugh out loud when he put a new slant on his company´s popular slogan. He announced, “I work at GE.” Then with a smile he patted his wife´s tummy and added, “I bring good things to life.”

General Electric selected a slogan expressing the spirit of bold entrepreneurs who take risks to add value to society. Deep inside our spirit we applaud the bold move to bring good things into being. Wanting to do daring feats to better life is characteristic of beings created in God´s very own image.

God is the phenomenal entrepreneur of all time. He spoke the universe into being and in effect announced in His Genesis account, “Behold, I bring good things to life.” If creation isn´t astounding enough, calculate the risk God took by endowing mankind with free will. God boldly granted us the very freedom to even reject His benevolent rule.

When sin went viral, it caused upheavals in creation and relationships, appearing to hijack His design. However, wrong choice can´t derail God´s plan. Into the free will equation our Lord had calculated the cross.

The sovereign Lord´s risk meant that freedom would lead to upheaval of His perfect universe, yet He knew more would be lost without the freedom to choose. True relationships are predicated on choice. The very definition of love is choice centered on another´s well-being.

Christ set the benchmark for love—making the choice to lay down one´s life for another. This plays out in daily choices. “For it is the love of God that constrains us [from selfish choices]. . . that we should no longer live for ourselves, but for Him who gave His life for us” (2 Corinthians 5:14-15).

Not all upheaval of establishment leads toward corruption of society. Satan assumed that the Church led by some uneducated fishermen would tank. But fishermen who bought into the Father´s plan of being bold “fishers of men” started a movement that within a few years prompted critics to say they had “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). The gospel internalized triggers major upheaval in individual lives, communities, and societies.

Christianity went viral under the bold mission endeavors of Paul. He upset his old politically geared cronies in the Jewish temple hierarchy. Upheaval didn´t stop with entrenched powers; it hit Wall Street. The Ephesian Idol-Making Association was up in arms over the feared loss in profits. If you hit people in their pocketbook, a fight is on the horizon.

Where do we see upheaval today?

All over the Middle East we hear of upheaval at the point of the gun. But the Spirit is being unleashed behind the war scenes shown by the major media. Middle Eastern believers bravely take the message of the cross to refugees at a crossroads. People in crisis can´t cope with their own unworkable remedies of powerless religion when they are daily confronted with horrendous consequences of wicked choices. The Church is quietly picking up the pieces and pointing distraught refugees to the missing peace—Jesus Christ. Christ offers peace not predicated on material wealth or even physical safety, but His righteousness.

Where else do we see upheaval today?

It´s not coming at the point of the gun in our homeland, yet. But undeniable social upheaval abounds. Our culture is at a crossroads.

Let´s pick up the daring spirit of bold faith in action. How? Everyday choices!

Let´s start by laying down any defective “poor little old me, what can I do?” attitude. Make the choice to engage in daily prayer for specific kingdom advancement. Add teeth to your commitment by regular support for mission endeavors.

Pull kids into this adventure. Prayerline Kids provides a great action plan to mentor children in daily prayer. Include brainstorm sessions. When kids are given ownership to come up with practical ways to witness for Christ and raise support for mission endeavors, they develop a godly entrepreneurial spirit. Little daily choices add up to movement toward spiritual maturity.

Jackie Peake is Christian Aid Mission´s Director of Children´s Ministries. Let her provide you with great, free resources to lead a Prayerline Kids Prayer Circle in your church or home by visiting

Jackie Peake - posted March 07, 2014
Denise, I agree with you that the harvest is plentiful, especially among children, but the laborers are few. That is why we want to empower Christ-centered believers to inspire the next generation into the great adventure of joining with those carrying the cross to the crossroads. Who in our land will pick up Isaiah´s call to go and tell the next generation how to live by faith in the face of difficult situations? Consider leading a Prayerline Kids Prayer Circle. It provides an opportunity to point out indigenous mission workers who put aside comfort, and even put their life on the line, to reach needy people. They serve as godly contemporary heroes for our children in a world with plenty of poor examples.
Denise - posted March 07, 2014
Wheres the Isaiah 6, plea for who will come and be the doers? Many are called and need opportunity to well as what already doing..the harvest is plentiful but laborers are few...