July 1, 2014

Unveiled: Part II

By Brittany Tedesco

In last week´s post, I wrote a bit about the veils worn by Muslim women—how the veils aren´t just a symbol of male oppression, but a requirement from a god many Muslim women long to know and please.

We pick up here in Part 2 when Amani removes her veil on the plane to America. Initially shocked, her son would later write a poem, which included the line ‘she taught me freedom by the freedom of her hair.’

A freedom found only in Christ, Who removed the veils covering our faces when He called us out of darkness and into the light.

‘And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord´s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.’ 2 Corinthians 3:18

The same scandalous passage in the book of John that pierced Amani´s heart and challenged Islam´s view of women would do the same for Isik.

After her first husband attempted to throw her from an eight-story building, she convinced the tourism agency she worked for to transfer her from their office in Turkey to one in the U.S.

Naive and vulnerable, she married and had a daughter to a drug addict who further mistreated her. And yet, like an abused animal clinging to its abuser, Isik still clung to Islam.

Her first job in America, ironically, was one a friend had secured for her…at a church. One of the requirements of the job at the church was to participate in morning devotions. She told us she had a ‘heart to heart’ with Allah, telling him she was only attending the morning meetings out of duty to her employer.

The scripture reading that first morning shocked her…a woman, caught in the very act of adultery, was brought before Jesus to be stoned. ‘He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her,’ Isik read along in the Bible she´d been handed.

Anger welled up inside of her. Per the Quran, the woman deserved to be stoned. How could Jesus spare her? Her sin deserved punishment! Where was the justice?

The woman´s sin was punished, the pastor of the church explained to Isik, when Jesus became sin on her behalf and died on a cross.

Pierced to the core, Isik´s inner struggle began. Jesus was so opposite of the god of Islam…and yet how could she break allegiance with the only god she´d ever known? He was hateful, but familiar.

After being pulled between two worlds for a time, Isik decided to end her life after work one day. That afternoon, she locked herself in a bathroom stall to weep and inwardly ask her god why he hated her so much.

Later that day, her boss (the pastor of the church) approached her with a message: ‘God has heard your cries while you were in the bathroom and He wants to know if you want to accept Him as Lord and Savior?’

In that instant, the god in the Quran—the ‘God Who Hates’ as Wafa Sultan describes him—was exposed as a fraud when the real God answered Isik´s cries.

I wonder why people take such pains to craft alternate realities when the Truth is infinitely more beautiful.

And only the Truth can set you free (John 8:32).

‘With Christ, you always have a choice,’ Amani said about the freedom we have in Jesus…Jesus, who turned the establishment on its head and continues to expose the false realities that people live under.

Amani and Isik have both dedicated their lives to exposing the false reality of Islam. Amani does so using only Islamic texts—their discrepancies as well as their references to Jesus—to share the Truth with Muslims about the real God: a God Who Loves.

Rebecca - posted July 7, 2014
That is such a beautiful story. It is true God is such a forgiving God as well.
Tom - posted July 7, 2014
Very insightful and well written, Brittany. God Bless.
Belay - posted July 7, 2014
Wow this is a fact that every one of us should know and provide it to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. They have right to know such wonderful facts and it is our duty to tell them.