July 15, 2014

Top 9 Reasons to Love Christian Aid Mission

By Brittany Tedesco

As my 10-year anniversary at Christian Aid Mission grows nigh, I think back to what first caught my attention about this wonderful ministry that supports highly effective native missionaries.

It wasn't the "highly effective native missionaries" part.

It was goats.

When I applied for an internship, I received a packet of information that included an issue of Christian Mission magazine. I cracked it opened and the first thing my eyes landed upon was goats. For something like $60, someone like me could provide a pair of goats to a destitute family--and it would completely transform their lives!

I was hooked, and only then did I read on to discover a new way of doing missions that makes a lot of sense.

Everyone's different. Goats might not be your catalyst to consider making Christian Aid Mission your ministry of choice...but perhaps this list of the "Top 9 Reasons to Love Christian Aid Mission" will:

9. We welcome your visit! Not only that, we´re located in a place you´d actually want to visit. Charlottesville is a beautiful college town surrounded by mountains and historical sites like Monticello. So come on out, attend one of our weekly meetings or spend some time chatting with our expert Area Directors.

Christian Aid Mission founder, Dr. Bob Finley, talks with Prem Pradhan, widely recognized as the first apostle to Nepal.

8. Experience! We´re more than 60 years old, and Christian Aid Mission is generally considered to be the first U.S. organization to assist and promote indigenous ministries. Since 1953, we´ve assisted more than 1,500 ministries in more than 130 countries.

7. Options! Have a heart for a certain country or people group? We support work in more than 100 countries. A heart for the persecuted Church? The majority of ministries we assist are located in places where Christians are a persecuted minority. A heart for children? We have a child sponsorship program. A heart for Bible training schools, Bible translation/distribution, orphanages, clinics, vocational training, trafficked children, marginalized people, women´s ministry, etc? We can connect you with a ministry that matches your passion.

6. Awesome reports and updates! Missions Insider, our weekly e-newsletter keeps you current on mission news. Prayerline, our monthly prayer calendar will help guide your prayers for world missions. And, yes, Virginia, there really is a Christian Aid Mission Facebook Page. And Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages. It´s easy to connect with us.

5. Free educational children´s materials that can be incorporated into your homeschool, Christian school, or Sunday school curriculums.

4. We actually pray for your prayer requests. No joke. If you send us a prayer request, you can be sure it gets prayed for.

3. Many of the ministries we assist are located in countries closed to foreigners, where the majority of unreached people groups are located. This comes in handy in many ways...but especially when disasters strike. Unlike NGOs that must send funds through national governments, we can wire funds directly to local believers, who are ready to help the needy in Jesus´ name.

2. We´re not the boss of them. Each ministry we assist is independent and not an affiliate of Christian Aid Mission. We come alongside them to strengthen and help them fulfill their God-given calling. These ministries are led by native Christians who live and work among their own people.

1. Because of our emphasis on assisting ministries that are reaching the unreached, when you support Christian Aid Mission you´re actually hastening Christ´s return (Matthew 24:14). Now what could be better than that?

Mary - posted July 17, 2014
I recently visited your headquarters and was over-whelmed by the 'wall of faith' pictures of the many you support. Great to read the big picture here, stating your God-inspired vision!
Karen - posted July 17, 2014
Thanks for the clear description of this great ministry. I will forward it with joy!