August 12, 2014

An Ordinary Way Our Extraordinary God Speaks to Us

By Brittany Tedesco

Have you ever gone through a rough time and cried out to God for answers...and then He brought answers in the form of a book? I´m not specifically referring to the Bible in this case, but just a book authored by someone whose writing provides insight into your problem—someone who perhaps went through the exact same thing you´re experiencing.

Having a relationship with the God of all creation is interesting. You never know how He´ll respond to a question. He´s responded to me in unexpected, odd ways—and in more ordinary ways like bumping into a friend who had just the right words for me. Or guiding me to just the right book.

We at Christian Aid Mission just received this letter from a man whose questions to God in a difficult season of his life were answered by a book, Reformation in Foreign Missions, written by our founder, Dr. Bob Finley:

Dear Dr. Bob Finley,

I want to thank you for your book Reformation in Foreign Missions. It has been a great blessing and it came to me at just the right time from a friend of mine. Your book helped me to understand the difficulties my family and I went through for some time as missionaries.

Through a missions agency, my church sent us from Mexico to a tribal group located in the north of India in 2005. We spent the next eight years there.

As you rightly describe in your book, we were doing a counterproductive job, even though we were trying our best. Toward the end of our time in India, the Lord showed us clearly that He was closing the doors for me and my family there...but during this time we were confused, disoriented, and had so many questions. And then came your book to provide us with the answers we needed to confirm what the Lord was telling us. What a great blessing it was to us!

Now we are back in Mexico and inspired by your work in the U.S. We are in the first stages of beginning a missionary work in our home city. Here, there are five government-run hostels for tribal people who come from the mountains and jungles looking for jobs or seeking medical attention. We are allowed to evangelize in these hostels.

On the other hand, there are about five areas of the city where these tribal people are permanently living because they came out of their communities fleeing the violence caused by criminal drug gangs.

Furthermore, every December, my state government offers a feast for the international community living in my city. About 50 nations have been represented at these feasts in the past.

And finally, there are illegal immigrants from South America who are going back to their countries because they could not enter the U.S.

We are already involved in these four areas, but are just beginning to share our vision and recruit a team of volunteers. Please pray for me, as I need wisdom, courage, and humility to keep on the right way without compromising this new vision.

In Him,


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More than 60 years ago, Christian Aid Mission started as an outreach to foreign students in the U.S., who were plentiful back in the 1950s, and exponentially so now. To reach the world for Christ, an American (or Mexican) need not look farther than his own backyard. Why fly overseas to reach only one ethnic group when you can stay at home and reach people from all four corners of the earth?

In fact, the director of our Mexico office, Luis Janeiro, was led to the Lord by a North Dakota family he lived with as high school exchange student. You can read more about his story here.

Before Bob Finley was led by the Lord to reach foreign students in the U.S. and support those who returned to their countries as fulltime missionaries, he went through a confusing and uncertain period of time. His heart for missions led him overseas to Asia in the late 1940s where he traveled around preaching the gospel. But then he was forced to leave the region. Communism was taking over and foreigners were being expelled.

“What now, Lord?” he asked. “How am I to take part in the Great Commission now?”

And then God responded, and a vision was born—a vision Bob Finley wrote down in a book.

“He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us” (2 Corinthians 1:4 NLT).

God´s answer to you might just be in the form of a book containing the comforting words of someone who´s been there, done that, and knows the way out.

Cynthia - posted August 20, 2014
Brittany, how do you do it! Another great blog. Another great message. I'm sending a link to A.L. who will be pleased his experience is informing others. You said our creator God answers our questions in a variety of ways. The great thing is that He does answer. I asked him not too long ago how I do I relate to Him or what's our relationship. And he answered right away with one word: MERCY. That has kept me in an attitude of gratefulness.