March 24, 2015

History Doesn't Lie: The Truth about Islam (Part II)

Post by Brittany Tedesco

Pope Urban II

If you've been keeping tabs on ISIS in the news, you know they've been destroying ancient relics that have stood for millennia as reminders of bygone civilizations that existed well before the birth of Islam. The tomb of Jonah, for instance, near the city of Nineveh in Iraq, was one of their targets.

In last week's blog post, I discussed this destruction and the political strategy behind it. The goal of Islam is to establish control over the entire world. Part of that strategy involves destroying the culture and history of a region they've conquered. People are much more easily controlled after their history has been destroyed and rewritten.

By the eleventh century, Muslims had conquered two-thirds of the world. It wasn't pretty, and involved a lot of murder, blood, slavery, and inhumane treatment toward the Jews, Christians, and others they subjugated.

Did anyone care enough to come to their rescue?

Why yes, indeed! Enter the much-maligned Crusaders.

In 1095, Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade with a letter imploring men of conscience to act. "How does a man love according to divine precept his neighbor as himself when, knowing that his Christian brothers in faith and in name are held by perfidious Muslims in strict confinement and weighed down by the yoke of heaviest servitude, he does not devote himself to the task of freeing?" he wrote. "Is it by chance that you do not know that many thousands of Christians are bound in slavery and imprisoned by the Muslims, tortured with innumerable torments?"

The First Crusade, unlike the following ones, was pretty successful. The Crusaders took back some of the territories, including Jerusalem.

However, in 1187, Saladin led the Muslim opposition to the Crusaders and recaptured the cities. They again controlled Jerusalem, which contained a magnificent ancient relic: the Dome of the Rock—still standing today inside the walled compound of the Temple Mount.

The Dome of the Rock inside the walled compound of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

This is the site where Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac, it's where King Solomon kept the Ark of the Covenant after he built the First Temple. . . which was later destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians. It's where the Jews rebuilt the temple, which Herod the Great later improved upon. It's where Jesus overturned the moneychangers' tables. It's all recorded in the Bible.

Today, the site is controlled by Muslims, who worship there. Instead of destroying the Dome of the Rock, like they've done to so many other ancient relics, they've simply rewritten its history.

According to Islamic lore, Mohammed ascended to heaven there on a winged horse. Temple beneath the Mount? What Temple? What evidence, besides the biblical record, is there to support the Temple?

Well, none. . . until 2004.

You see, even the most concerted efforts at historical revisionism sometimes fail.

In 1999, the Islamic council that controls the Temple Mount area excavated two underground vaulted archways near the Dome of the Rock to create a huge entranceway into what was known for centuries as "Solomon's Stables" (probably so named because the Crusaders kept their horses there when they occupied Jerusalem). A few years prior, the council had converted Solomon's Stables to a Muslim prayer area, and this excavation was done in an effort to accommodate more Muslim worshippers.

Archaeologists and historians winced as bulldozers dug a 40-foot pit that was more than 130 feet long, disturbing the precious history trapped in the ground that they'd longed to study but were forbidden from touching.

Hundreds of truckloads of dirt and debris from the revered site were dumped at a landfill. But what was seen as a horrific injustice done to a historical site was soon seen as an opportunity beyond comparison.

For the first time in history, the dirt underneath the Temple Mount was available for study. Thanks to an archaeology student and an archaeologist who lectured at his university, the Temple Mount Sifting Project began—and continues today. People from all over the world are invited to sift the dirt, and they've discovered plenty of evidence to support the First and Second Temple Periods.

They've discovered Babylonian and Roman arrowheads from the conquest of the First and Second Temples and many other things. . . but most significantly, they found a seal inscribed, in ancient Hebrew, with the words "son of Immer." The book of Jeremiah tells us that the son of Immer, Pashur, was the chief officer of the (First) Temple.

"He who digs a pit will fall into it" (Proverbs 26:27 NASB).

Source: Center for the Study of Political Islam,

Islam is employing age-old tactics to wipe out Christians and the evidence of their history. But the tactic is backfiring. They're inadvertently creating more of them.

Many who considered themselves "moderate Muslims," because they'd never studied the Quran, sira, and Hadith at length, are rejecting Islam and turning to Jesus Christ. The truth has come out. Islam is being uncovered and seen for what it truly is.

"But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known" (Luke 12:2 NASB).

It's important to know history. It's even more important to know God, and to rest in the fact that His is a story that can't, and won't, be wiped out.

Ted - posted March 26, 2015
I believe that Islam is in a death throes. The Isil Jihadists are just the latest ones to destroy their own religion. God has stated that Ismael will dwell in the midst of their brethren from Isaac, and so they have since then. Also Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem, and so they have. And finally, Isamel hands will be against other men's hands and so on. They continue to perform and fulfill the prophecies of the Bible and why should anyone who believes worry as God is sovereign, putting one up and putting another down. In all of this, the Bible continues to be shown as being true in all of its writings. May all praise be to our God who rules in the heavens and on earth through Jesus Christ.
Helen - posted March 26, 2015
This is information we never see on any news media, but it is so very important that it be made known! I appreciate your series on Islam--very informative. Thank you! God Bless You!