March 29, 2016

The Credibility of the Bible, Part II

Post by Brittany Tedesco

Man giving Bible to a woman.

We read it, we cherish it, we give of our resources so that others may have copies of it. We believe that the Bible is the very Word of God. And because the Spirit testifies with our spirits that, indeed, the Bible is true, sometimes we Christians don't bother looking into the treasure trove of evidence pointing to the fact that the Bible is, actually, objectively true.

In last week's post, I touched on the staggering number of biblical prophecies that have been accurately fulfilled. The Bible's ability to correctly predict events speaks to the fact that it was inspired by a Being who knows the end from the beginning.

We can read more than 300 prophecies about Jesus Christ in the Old Testament that were fulfilled by Him in the New Testament.

But how do we know those prophecies were really written by men who lived centuries before Him? How do we know that those prophecies weren't just written after Christ's death so they coincide with what went down?

You've no doubt heard about the Dead Sea scrolls. But do you know the enormous significance of their discovery?

In his book, Jesus on Trial, David Limbaugh writes about the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947-1956: "they included copies of the Old Testament dating from more than a century before the birth of Christ. Prior to this discovery, the oldest complete Hebrew manuscripts we had were dated from 900 AD and later."

Asian woman reading to two children.

How could the authors of the Old Testament have made hundreds of correct predictions about Jesus Christ, centuries before His birth, if not for God's divine guidance?

The Bible was written over a span of 1,500 years by approximately 40 authors of various ethnicities and cultures–and yet, it's one cohesive book with a singular message: the redemption of mankind through Jesus Christ.

"Christ is predicted in the Old Testament, present in the Gospels, proclaimed in Acts, possessed in the Epistles, and predominant in the Revelation," wrote pastor and prolific author, Dr. W. Graham Scroggie.

Unlike other so-called "holy" books like the Quran, which is completely disjointed and devoid of beginning, middle, and end, the Bible progresses logically and is headed toward an ultimate conclusion.

God, who declares, "the end from the beginning, and from ancient times, the things that are not yet done" (Isaiah 46:10), has provided us with this amazing look at the past, present, and future.

As one who exists outside of space and time, He can do this.

Peruvian man holding a Bible.

And, no, I don't flippantly make the claim that God exists "outside of space and time" because it's what I've heard preachers sayAstronomers have long known that the universe (ie: space and time) hasn't always existed.

Science has proven that the universe had a beginning. In 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding, that galaxies are moving away from one another at speeds approximately proportional to their distance.

Writes William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith, "The staggering implication of this fact is that as one traces the expansion back in time, the universe becomes denser and denser until one reaches a point of infinite density from which the universe began to expand." In other words, if a person could go all the way back in time, they'd reach a point where the universe was shrunk down to a "single mathematical point."

Asian men with Bibles.

Scientists like to describe this point of infinite density, where the universe began, as the "Big Bang," when "space and time were created. . . and so was all the matter in the universe."

We know there was a period of time when there was nothing, and then there was something.

That is, of course, where scientists stop–because, outside of a God who created the universe, they have no explanation for how something occurred from nothing.

Writes author Chuck Missler, "The Darwinists cannot explain the origin of life because they cannot explain the origin of information. In the beginning was information from an external source to make it all happen."

If a person can look at the intricacies of the world around them–and be even vaguely aware of the vastness of the universe–and yet deny that there's a Designer behind it all, that person can also dismiss the mounds of evidence that point to the supernatural hand of God in the writing of the Bible.

But, praise God, so many people throughout our world today are accepting its message and putting their trust in Jesus Christ–who came to earth as a suffering servant to die on our behalf and will return a glorious King to reign forever.

Indian girl praying.

We know how it all started and we know how it all ends. Do you realize what a privileged time in history you and I are living in? We have the whole Bible, all 66 books of it, in our possession today. How many people have lived and died with only part of God's Word? Even after all of the New Testament books were written (within the first century AD), it took about 1,000 years for all of the books of the Bible to be bound together as a single volume. Before then, single books of the Bible were copied by hand and distributed separately.

What a treasure we have! And this treasure is what's changing lives all over the world today–it's what Muslims in the Middle East are clamoring for, it's what they've been forbidden from reading by their Islamic overlords. And it's what Christian Aid Mission is committed to providing for them through native missionaries who spend their lives proclaiming its wondrous message: that God, our Maker, is also our Redeemer.

James - posted April 1, 2016
Amen! So true. It takes a uniquely distorted mind-set for the Christian faith to not stand head and shoulders above all other beliefs.