October 18, 2016

A Worldwide Great Awakening

Post by Brittany Tedesco

In last week's post, I wrote about embracing the beauty of the times in which we live, instead of becoming distressed by politics and all of the evil we're bombarded with on the news.


But I realized it's much easier for someone like me to see the beauty of these times than for someone who isn't daily reading about the revival taking place around the globe.

What have I deduced from all of the reports I've read from native missionaries on the field? That God's Spirit is moving across the face of the earth, opening people's eyes and hearts to the truth—freeing them from bondage. He's calling a people for His namesake out of every tribe and nation. And though He's been doing this ever since the first century A.D., it's happening on a massive scale right now. It's ramping up.

And so, without further ado, here are just a few snippets of the work God has done over the past year through the Christian Aid Mission-assisted native missionaries you're supporting:



Cuba "In the past year, there has been a great spiritual awakening of thousands of people," reports a native ministry leader in Cuba. In the past six months, one of the ministry's pastors planted more than 25 new churches in the central and eastern part of the country. Another gospel worker, who leads a sports ministry, reported that 5,000 decisions for Christ were made in baseball and soccer stadiums during the year. Twenty pastors have started house churches to disciple these new believers.

Egypt Native missionaries visited homes in three key cities to invite people to attend evangelistic parties in the evenings. An estimated 1,000 people heard the gospel at 10 evangelistic parties, and approximately 300 people accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.

Spain A ministry leader in Spain, a country where evangelicals comprise only 1% of the population, planted more than 70 house churches in 2015. With help from Christian Aid Mission supporters, the number has grown to more than 100 churches in 2016.


Argentina After sharing the gospel in a remote mountain village for three days, a native missionary and his gospel coworkers led 1,000 of the 7,000 Wichi tribal villagers to Christ. "Now, we have teams to teach the Bible and disciple these new believers," the leader wrote.

China With help from Christian Aid Mission supporters, a Bible training center was established for eight tribal groups who have planted seven house churches among Miao and Hui tribal communities.


Israel During Passover, native missionaries invited people from five Holocaust survivors' clubs to come to their special Passover feast. Of the 210 who attended, most had never before been to a church service. "They heard a clear gospel message," wrote the ministry leader. "Many took Bibles and other books that we made available for free."

India After a Christian Aid Mission-assisted native missionary prayed for a mentally ill man from the primitive Korwa tribe, the man received full healing and accepted Christ as Savior. He started visiting villages in a nine-mile radius to preach the gospel. From this area alone, more than 400 Korwa people have come to Christ.


Nigeria Since 2009, the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, has killed more than 10,000 people and displaced 1.5 million. Native missionaries visited a camp inhabited by 3,000 displaced people, 90 percent of whom were Muslims, to distribute food and other provisions, and to share the gospel. More than 300 people gave their lives to Christ.

Indonesia Ministry workers travel to unreached tribal areas and remote villages where the culture is primarily oral, working with local translators to record the gospel in each region's unique language or dialect. This year, they completed gospel recordings in 10 new languages for tribes living in Indonesia's West Papua and Northern Kalimantan provinces.

India Denied citizenship by Burma where they migrated two centuries ago, and unwanted back in Bangladesh, the Rohingya are an impoverished, mostly Muslim people group. Native missionaries working among this despised people planted a church among them, which today is attended by 350 new Rohingya believers. Three are attending Bible college.

Guinea Native missionaries visited the N'Zerekore forest, one of the hotspots of the Ebola epidemic, to show the Jesus film in a village dominated by tribal witchcraft practices. Afterward, the village chief repented and gave his life to Christ. Scores of villagers joined him, and the village of 2,000 now has the fastest growing church in the region.


Iraq With its team of volunteer medical professionals, a ministry uses its mobile clinic to provide medical care to the displaced people who had to flee their homes from ISIS. Thousands of people have received medical care and Bibles, were prayed for, and presented with the gospel. More than 200 have accepted Christ through this outreach. Reports the ministry leader: "In this time of disaster, I would say that 90 percent of Muslims are very open to the gospel."

China Christian Aid Mission supporters are assisting a ministry comprised of 30 fulltime workers from nine tribal groups who are spreading the gospel and planting churches among their own people.



India An indigenous ministry in a state in North India held the first ever gospel crusades there. Approximately 8,000 people heard the gospel during one of the crusades and just under 800 people made public professions of faith.

Turkey Christian Aid Mission supporters are helping the only evangelical outreach in the Black Sea region. Despite the hostility the Muslim-background leader has faced throughout the years, he planted two churches with a total of nearly 100 new believers.

North Korea Hundreds of thousands of North Korean woman have been trafficked across the Chinese border to poor farmers or disabled Chinese men. Ministry workers identified 91 of these women, and planted the first church among North Korean trafficked women in the area. They have since planted five new churches among North Korean women.

Pakistan Christian Aid Mission supporters helped build the first ever church building in a political region that is particularly hostile toward Christians. In May, 65 native believers gathered to dedicate the new church and give thanks to the Lord.

Turkey With help from supporters, Christian Aid Mission is assisting an indigenous ministry that is producing the first and only Christian magazine in a country where evangelicals comprise only 0.01% of the mostly Islamic population. In the last six months, demand spiked for the publication, which has reached approximately 7,000 believers and Muslim seekers.



India Throughout the difficult mission field of North India, home to the world's largest number of unreached people groups, workers with an indigenous ministry provided materials and training to nearly 1,000 Vacation Bible School teachers. More than 12,000 children were reached with the gospel through its work.

Syria An indigenous ministry in Syria trains children's workers who are hosting children's meetings throughout the war-torn nation. In multiple locations, hundreds of Muslim children attend one of several daily meetings. "A few weeks ago, we baptized 53 in just ONE location," wrote the ministry leader. "We have performed over 230 baptisms from the beginning of the year to the present."


Former Soviet Union Native missionaries in the former Soviet Union have started 11 video Bible schools in Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucus Region where hundreds of students receive biblical education each year to become pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and Sunday school teachers. The ministry has received invitations from 78 different regions to open more video Bible schools, and more than 3,000 students are ready to be trained.


Vietnam With help from Christian Aid Mission supporters, an indigenous ministry is supplying a three-year Bible training course that can be completed remotely by students unable to leave home to attend a Bible school. The ministry is overseeing 42 of these courses, and sending students who have completed the course to four unreached tribal groups.

Thank you for partnering with us to build God's Kingdom around the world. We are living in exciting times, ever closer to our Savior's return. As the darkness grows darker, the lights are multiplying. Be encouraged. The darkness can never overcome the light.

All information shared was approved for publication

Brittany Tedesco - posted December 7, 2016
Hi Raquel,
Thanks for your comment. The ministry we support in Spain is completely indigenous. These are not foreign missionaries living in Madrid or the Sun Coast, who are unfamiliar with Spanish culture/customs. Christian Aid Mission supports only indigenous ministries throughout the world. We do not send foreigners. The 100 churches mentioned in this post are house churches—they do not meet in buildings. This ministry is also working to share Christ with North Africans and refugees from Syria who have moved to Spain.
Blessings, Brittany
Raquel - posted December 7, 2016
100 new churches in Spain? Where? You must be joking. I am Spanish and I know the evangelical field very well. Every new missionary who comes goes to Madrid area (where there are already more than 500 churches) or, what a coincidence, says the Lord calls him to the Sun Coast. I know churches in both places very well. If there were 100 new churches anywhere, I'd know! But not one of them starts a new work in one of the 8500 towns with no testimony at all! That is hard work. I guess living in a big city or in the coast is more comfortable. It would be better for them to leave the Lord's name out of this!
Selva - posted October 24, 2016
So blessed to know how God is miraculously using your mission to plant churches among unreached people groups. I will pray for God's great work more. I always like to read your report for more prayer.
Angela - posted October 21, 2016
Thank you for helping me to see what Father is doing throughout the world. I am encouraged to continue to pray for revival in the US as well as the world and that believers would be led of the Spirit to make a difference their own areas of influence. He is able!
Jack - posted October 21, 2016
Thank you for the encouraging report. I really need to be reminded how much God loves the world and how powerful our God is! God bless you all.
Ted - posted October 20, 2016
When evil comes in, the Holy Spirit raises a banner. No one can keep God out of any place on earth. With new technology such as computer sticks which the South Koreans use in North Korea, so this is one way that is being used in many areas where missionaries can't get into. So even more the ways of the Lord are marvelous and awe inspiring as we see each new day more and more of how even in the hardest areas of the world, God changing hearts and lives. So may this be an inspiration for all of us to see God working in our own nation with the issues before us that the Holy Spirit will raise and continue to raise the banner of God's love and continue to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.