Missiologists are now saying, "Reformation is needed."

by Dr. Bob Finley
Founder of Christian Aid

THE MISSIONS COMMITTEE of a Presbyterian church in the Midwest which has supported my ministry for more than 50 years wrote us an interesting letter. "We have determined," they said, "to end our support of Christian Aid." The reason they gave was due to our "statements about supporting native missionaries instead of supporting American missionaries. We are doing both," they said, "and do not want to support a ministry that seems to be against doing both."

Is Christian Aid opposed to the support of American missionaries overseas? It depends on where those missionaries go and what they are doing. In some cases God is using them for His kingdom. In other cases their presence hurts the cause of Christ more than it helps.

The discussion of this subject is called MISSIOLOGY. Some Christians think we should make positive statements only, and eliminate any of the negative aspects of present-day missionary operations. But to do so would cause us to be unfaithful to God. We must speak out regarding both sides of this critical issue.

What would Martin Luther or John Knox say if they were living today? In the Sixteenth Century hundreds of reformers gave their lives for proclaiming that change was needed in what was being taught in the churches. We follow in their train.