Giving Facts

Ways To Give Cash Contributions:
Check, credit or debit card, electronic funds transfer (EFT), online bank check (billpay), cash

Check Payee:
Christian Aid Mission
Contributions payable to Christian Aid Mission (or Christian Aid) are tax deductible. Checks payable to other entities may not be deductible. Whether you are giving for an overseas ministry, a missionary, or a Christian Aid staff missionary, checks should be payable to Christian Aid Mission.

Your Account Number:
Include your account number (sometimes referred to as your donor number) with your gift to help us identify you. Donor account numbers are usually formatted with two numbers, a hyphen, and four numbers such as 32-5189.

How You Want Your Offering Used (Designation):
If you have received a receipt from your previous gift, enclose the reply form from your receipt (bottom portion). If you give regularly to the same thing, the designation information will be preprinted on the reply form. If you give to different needs each time or do not have a faith promise, just write on the form how you want your gift used. If this is your first gift or you do not have the reply portion of a receipt available, you may enclose a note telling us how you want your gift used. If you give regularly to the same thing (like faith promises), you can refer to it in general terms like "for my faith promises" or "for my regular giving." To be more specific, code numbers and amounts for each code are sufficient information, but if the code is not known, please provide the name of the country and name of ministry or ministry leader. If you are designating your gift for something specific within the ministry such as a church building or Bibles, please include that also. Examples of codes are 098WMN, 702ECF, 630SEF, etc. For specific designations within a ministry, you might write "702ECF church building." We recommend that you do NOT write designation information on your check.

Where to Give
Mailing Address:
Christian Aid Mission
PO Box 9037
Charlottesville, VA 22906
Phone: 434-977-5650

Christian Aid issues a receipt for each contribution received. Receipts are legal documents and should be kept in a safe place. If you are missing a receipt, contact us and we will be happy to issue a replacement. If a receipt is incorrect, contact us immediately so we can send you a corrected receipt and redirect the money before it is disbursed. The designation information typed on your receipt is sent to the overseas ministry receiving your help to let them know how you want your gift used.

Reply Portion of your reciept (bottom part)
By using this you are immediately identified by us. For those who give for the same need each month, your designation information is already preprinted. If you do not have a return portion of a receipt to use with your next gift, you may still send your contribution. Enclose a note telling us how you want your offering used.

Each receipt provides the year-to-date total for all giving to Christian Aid in the upper left area. However, if you do not have the receipt for your last gift of the tax year, call us and we will replace the lost receipt or send you a statement of all of your contributions for the tax year.

Reminders, Statements, Bills
Christian Aid does not send monthly statements reminding you to give. We hope that you will keep the return portion of your receipt in a place that reminds you to give again.

Automatic Monthly Giving
Christian Aid can take care of your monthly giving for you. You may sign up to give monthly by credit or debit card or by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). We will charge your card or debit your bank account each month. To initiate either automatic transaction, you may fill out the information on the back of the return part of your receipt or call us at 1-800-977-5650.

This is applicable to monthly contributions for the same designation and in the same amount. Extra gifts may be made by check or a separate credit card gift, but cannot be added to the automatic monthly credit or debit card charges or to EFT debits. Checks and EFTs are the most cost effective ways to give.

Online Bank Checks (sometimes called Billpay)
In the Account field, please put your account (donor number) with Christian Aid. Account numbers are usually formatted like 22-4444. In the memo field, you may add information about designation such as the gift code. Gift codes are normally formatted with three numbers followed by three or four letters such as 098WMN. If you give regularly for missionary or child support, we will apply your offering to that unless told otherwise.