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December 2017

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December 1, Friday
Support the Worldwide Ministries of Christian Aid

CHRISTIAN AID. Before he died last year at age 93, Reed Larson gave to ministries engaged in sharing the Good News of Jesus and delighted in inviting his daughters and grandchildren to suggest recipients. Through a family foundation, his children and grandchildren are committed to continuing that vision. Larson left a legacy of giving by arranging for most of his assets to be used to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ. “Looking at Dad’s wishes, and wanting to steward the money wisely for the kingdom, we said, ‘Where are we seeing God working in powerful ways?’” said one of his three daughters, Patricia, explaining why they chose a ministry in Asia assisted by Christian Aid Mission. “It makes sense to support indigenous ministries that go where Western missionaries cannot go very successfully.” Prior to Larson’s passing, the foundation had given to the ministry in Asia – $2,000 in 2015, and $2,500 in 2016 – that has planted more than 1,200 churches among 32 people groups. After his death, the foundation increased assistance to the ministry to $10,000 – along with a crucial $40,000 for Christian Aid Mission to use “where most needed.” Besides its evangelism, micro-enterprise development and rescue of children, the ministry in Asia runs one of the preeminent training centers for church leaders. “We were challenged by their ability to do so much with so little and to believe God for the advance of His kingdom,” Patricia said. “They have a good vision for equipping indigenous leaders for expanding the reach of the Gospel.” In life and in death, donors have the privilege of acting as powerful catalysts for eternal life swallowing up death. Larson’s example is an inspiration to many. Patricia notes, “Losing dad was a huge loss, but he left such a wonderful legacy.”

December 2, Saturday
Income-Generating Goats for Children

GHANA. Some children would not be able to afford school, food and clothing without an indigenous ministry’s gift of a goat for income generation. The self-respect poor Muslim kids and their parents derive from this opens their hearts to the gospel. Would you give a goat ($50) to a needy child? Pray those receiving them would receive Christ.

December 3, Sunday
Help Persecuted Christians Survive

SOUTH ASIA. In India, Hindu extremists recently cut off a pastor’s hands. In Pakistan, Christians are meeting in smaller groups after militants threatened to bomb larger gatherings. Persecution is increasing. A native ministry seeks 10 people to give $30 each for those persecuted and surviving family members. Pray that God will shield His people.

December 4, Monday
Discipleship Materials for Growing Churches

HONDURAS. As rural congregations grow and new life in Christ is restoring lives, marriages and communities, more new believers and children are attending Sunday school. These classes in 10 congregations need Christian materials ($170 each) for discipleship. Pray for these dedicated missionaries to see more fruit in their labor.

December 5, Tuesday
Coats to Survive Winter Cold

MIDDLE EAST. Native ministries share the love and compassion of Jesus with refugee children by providing coats ($20) that warm them amid the winter cold. Grateful families want to know about Jesus, and many times entire families receive Him for eternal life. Pray that refugees will survive the winter without the loss of the vulnerable – the infants and elderly.

December 6, Wednesday
Pharmacy for Needy Villages

CHINA. Mountain dwellers in Sichuan Province who tried to escape poverty by dealing drugs soon became drug addicts, and many contracted AIDS from sharing needles. A native ministry that has brought gospel transformation to them for three years seeks assistance in any amount to start a pharmacy that will bring healing and salvation to their village. Please pray they will come to know Christ.

December 7, Thursday
Gospel Christmas Event for Refugees

SPAIN. Last year Christmas festivals brought many Middle Eastern and North African refugees, along with Spaniards, to faith in Christ, and those Christians are now discipling others. A Christmas meal, worship and the gospel will be presented to 1,000 refugees ($3.60 per person); native workers seek 36 partners to provide $100 each. Pray that many will find eternal life in Christ.

December 8, Friday
Sports Playground for Abandoned Kids

UKRAINE. Impacting street kids by providing skills and education to prepare them for adulthood, workers at Father’s House have cleared a space for a sports playground for the children at the shelter. They need to surface it and put in fencing and a basketball court ($2,720) and seek 27 people to provide $100 each. Pray that children’s hardened hearts will soften and embrace Christ.

December 9, Saturday
Gospel Christmas Party for the Unreached

PHILIPPINES. New Christians have formed new churches after gospel presentations at Christmas parties that a native ministry has organized over the years for village families. Christian workers seek 55 people to donate $100 each for the meals, gifts and transportation needed for the outreach. Pray the Lord will prepare hearts to receive eternal life.

December 10, Sunday
Water Wells Leading to Eternal Life

TOGO. Verbal attacks by tribal animists stopped an indigenous ministry’s discipleship seminar. The animists wrapped a tree in white cloth and worshipped it, but the following three days the Christian seminar resumed – with double the participants, and 24 people put their faith in Jesus. A water well will soften the hearts of more villagers, and the ministry seeks 200 people to give $100 each to drill one. Pray that living water will douse persecution.

December 11, Monday
Food Baskets for Needy Families

PALESTINE. Tabitha Ministries undertakes evangelistic outreaches during the Christmas season, including events for women and children. The indigenous ministry also extends the love of Jesus with food baskets for 40 needy families ($55 each) in two locations that bring families to a saving faith in Christ. Pray the baskets will open the way for hungry hearts to receive the gospel.

December 12, Tuesday
Assistance for Gospel Workers

SRI LANKA. There are only 4,000 places of Christian worship in 36,000 villages, and a native ministry that has transformed communities in the power of Christ would like to close the gap. To do so, they need more gospel workers. They seek $60 each month to cover rent and daily living expenses for each gospel worker. Pray that God will raise up workers to bring eternal life to Buddhist villages.

December 13, Wednesday
Send Converts form Islam to Safety

SYRIA. An indigenous ministry relocates new Christians from Muslim backgrounds to safety as the Body of Christ becomes family to them. Relocated for about $1,000 per family, they form house churches and reach other Muslims with the gospel. Workers seek sets of 10 people to give $100 per family. Pray they would reach safety before harm befalls them.

December 14, Thursday
Shelter and Aid for Refugees

BANGLADESH. Among thousands of ethnic Rohingya from Burma (Myanmar) who have fled to Bangladesh after their government set fire to them and their homes are 55 Christian families. A ministry that has led Rohingya Muslims to Christ seeks to provide shelter, clothing and food ($21/person) to the refugees. Pray that their faith would hold steady and Jesus would keep them from harm.

December 15, Friday
Nutrition for Christian Prisoners

VIETNAM. An indigenous ministry visits 108 pastors in prison with toiletries, simple clothing, noodles and dried meat to supplement meager prison food. The food packages ($110 including transportation) are gifts of encouragement that their families can bring to them, often their only visit of the year.

December 16, Saturday
Help Bible College Survive

ANDHRA PRADESH. An indigenous Bible college has sent 95 percent of its graduates to full-time ministry for more than 50 years, saving the lives and souls of countless people. Now facing financial obstacles and opposition, it seeks assistance of any amount to meet monthly expenses. Pray that unreached people will not remain in darkness for lack of gospel workers to be trained and sent to them.

December 17, Sunday
Self-Support for Native Missionaries

LAOS. In restrictive countries, native missionaries and church planters must have ways to support themselves, typically through farming. Providing for their families as their neighbors do helps them to build relationships and form churches. They need assistance to buy pigs, goats or poultry ($220-$330 per animal). Pray for God to establish the work of their hands.

December 18, Monday
Critically Needed Food for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. Food packs distributed to refugees prevent illness and starvation and build relational bridges for the gospel, especially during the Christmas season, which provides the opportunity to speak of Jesus’ birth and God’s heart for humanity. Pray that every food pack ($65 each) would open hearts to eternal life in Christ.

December 19, Tuesday
Christmas Gifts for Needy Children

UKRAINE. In the Christmas season, ministry workers follow up with the 5,000 children who attended summer camps – one reason Sunday school attendance has doubled at mission churches, and many parents received Christ. To give 500 children gifts of clothes, sweets and hygiene products ($3,118) at follow-up meetings, workers seek 31 people to give $100. Pray the children and parents know the riches of Christ.

December 20, Wednesday
Native Missionaries' Living Expenses

EGYPT. A Syrian refugee who lost her children to war could not stop crying at a food and worship gathering for 70 refugee families. Christian workers consoled her, and she said their visits were her only comfort. The workers, who supplied school supplies for refugee children, have no regular income and seek any amount to help cover their living expenses. Pray that the comfort the refugees experience will lead them to Christ.

December 21, Thursday
Healing for Native Ministry Leaders

SOUTH ASIA. Native ministry leaders are often lonely and face desperate times when they or their family members become sick. From broken bones to needing heart surgery, many of the leaders you assist are unwell; if 50 people were to give $70 each, it would bring healing and encouragement that others care for them. Pray that God will put His healing hand upon ailing church leaders.

December 22, Friday
Shoes, Clothing for Poor Tribal Children

PERU. Segadores Ministry serves in remote villages among the Ashaninka people, who live in fear of their animistic gods. Sharing hope, faith and courage through Christ, ministry workers want to provide shoes and clothing for 150 impoverished Ashaninka children ($25 each). Pray many will be drawn to Jesus Christ through this provision.

December 23, Saturday
Assistance for Gospel Workers

CHINA. Ethnic Kazakhs have come to Christ as native missionaries in a remote area of China tutor their schoolchildren and go door-to-door with the gospel, while others work among college students. Several Bible fellowships and a church have been established. Nine donors providing $100 each covers a month’s living costs for one native missionary. Pray Kazakhs receive Christ in communist China despite a new wave of persecution.

December 24, Sunday
Finish Widow's Church Building

WEST BENGAL. A church had to halt construction of its building after the death of the pastor, the one who initiated the project. The mourning church is soldiering on in faith, with the pastor’s widow and a young trainee overseeing the congregation. They need 11 donors to give $100 each to complete the shelter and catalyst for bringing others to eternal life in Christ. Pray that God’s hand would be over this church.

December 25, Monday
Gospel Film Outreaches

PHILIPPINES. Prayerful indigenous missionaries carry out soul-winning campaigns to unreached peoples with gospel films each month. Bible studies quickly turn into worshipping congregations. The workers seek 25 people to give $37 each for one month’s outreach. Pray that those drawn to these events may receive the Lord Jesus.

December 26, Tuesday
Construct Simple Worship Hall

BURUNDI. An indigenous ministry sent a new evangelist to a village known for polygamy, drunkenness and witchcraft, and within two weeks 40 people had received Christ. A simple hall needs to be constructed ($1,000) for a worship place, and the ministry seeks 10 people to give $100 each. Please pray for spiritual roots to grow deep.

December 27, Wednesday
Bibles for New Christians

PAKISTAN. A native ministry had a one-day revival and healing meeting in a house church where many people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. They have many opportunities to share Christ with Muslims, but most of the new Christians do not have Bibles ($7 each). The ministry seeks 10 people to contribute $70 each in order to provide 100 Bibles. Pray for wisdom and understanding among the new Christians in a hostile culture.

December 28, Thursday
New Land, Building for Orphans

TAMIL NADU. The government is prohibiting a native ministry from using a rented building for its orphanage. In order to continue loving children into the kingdom, the ministry in the heavily Hindu area seeks 100 people to give $100 each for land and a building. Pray that abandoned children will not be forsaken.

December 29, Friday
Save Christian School Serving Muslims

MAURITANIA. Parents in predominantly Muslim Mauritania plead with an indigenous ministry to educate their children. Muslim parents have come to Christ over the bridge the ministry school provides, but due to bank fraud it needs help covering teacher salaries and student tuition ($3,204 monthly); the ministry seeks 32 people to give $100 each. Pray that classes will continue.

December 30, Saturday
Expenses of Evangelistic Meetings

PUNJAB. A native ministry sees no fewer than three testimonies of transformed lives every month. Teams are going to unreached villages to host gospel/worship meetings and share Christ ($300 per event); they seek six people to provide $50 each. Pray that the Holy Spirit would open people’s hearts to Jesus.

December 31, Sunday
Empower Native Missionaries

CHRISTIAN AID. As another year ends, millions of once unreached people have come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we draw closer to the Day of the Lord; will it be in 2018? When you empower native missionaries of few resources and vicious opposition to reach their own people, you hasten that day. Please consider a gift to the Every Nation Initiative to help bring about Christ’s return. Come, Lord Jesus.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.