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March 2018

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March 1, Thursday
Open the Door to Grace

GHANA. Before her husband left her without saying why, a young woman in Ghana had watched as her 2-month-old baby died in her lap because she had no money to go to a hospital. Then things got worse. Rashida’s landlord wanted to take her in marriage in addition to his other three wives, and when the young Muslim woman refused, he sent someone to kill her with a machete. Neighbors rushed over, and she managed to escape with only a permanent scar on her hand. When her mother became critically ill, Rashida didn’t want to see her die as her baby had. “I was forced to go and cohabit with a man, to get some money to take my sick mother to the hospital,” she said. Rashida wished she were dead, but she felt destined for hell thinking her bad deeds outweighed the good ones. She wondered: Does God really care? How do we overcome sin? One night she dreamt of asking in heaven how her name could be recorded in God’s book, and she was directed to a pathway. Someone directed her to another path that led to a shrine, and she quickly returned to the first path. It led her to Christians worshipping God. She woke up. One indigenous missionary listened to her dream, gave her a Bible and explained the gospel. Rashida put her faith in Christ. Again things got worse – she faced persecution, her mother disowned her, and the landlord still tormented her. In Christ, however, she is continually singing and praising the Lord, has seen her three children accept Jesus, and has led many Muslim women to eternal life. Because of her faith, hard work and new life in Christ, many women look to her as a role model. Please consider a gift to the Ghanian ministry that helps her and others proclaim Christ and withstand persecution.

March 2, Friday
Rickshaws for Income and Sharing Gospel

DELHI. Indigenous missionaries have found an effective way for three Rohingya refugees who have put their faith in Christ to support their families and share the gospel: as drivers of motorized rickshaws. Rohingya Christian Assembly seeks 16 donors to give $100 each for another vehicle. Pray they can share Christ as they serve their communities.

March 3, Saturday
Health and Hygiene for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. The goal of every item of aid that indigenous missionaries provide is to show the tangible love of the Lord Jesus and proclaim His salvation. One such item that refugees desperately need is diapers and hygiene kits ($55 each), not only for infants but for teenagers who have become incontinent after suffering unspeakable trauma. Pray for the healing and transformative power of the gospel.

March 4, Sunday
Relief and Guidance for Disadvantaged Youth

SRI LANKA. A native ministry’s Rescue Program feeds, clothes, educates and provides shelter for many children. Through Sunday school, church worship, Bible study and prayer times, the shelter has provided many children spiritual guidance and led them to saving knowledge of Christ at a cost of $147 per month per child. Please pray that God would heal these broken children through the love of His people.

March 5, Monday
Materials for Church Building

BURMA. Small churches are forming in the wake of gospel preaching. Several congregations have land for modest worship halls where they can gather and bring others to hear about Jesus, but they have no building materials; one church needs 33 people to give $100 each. Pray that a witness would arise among every people group in Burma (Myanmar).

March 6, Tuesday
Education for Poor Kids

ECUADOR. With so many children leaving school and ending up in prison, Rock of Salvation began an elementary school free of charge for poor children, where they are taught the Word of God. The ministry seeks donors to provide $30 per student per month. Pray that children will overcome all obstacles to education and come to know Christ.

March 7, Wednesday
Missionaries’ Ministry, Living Expenses

UKRAINE. Poor families, orphans and the elderly receive food packages and other crucial aid from indigenous missionaries in this war-torn country. Christian workers are also giving them emotional and spiritual support, bringing many people to saving faith in Christ. To continue serving, the missionaries need 24 donors to provide $100 per month. Pray they will be encouraged and empowered as they face spiritual opposition.

March 8, Thursday
Aid, Eternal Life for Poor Villagers

CHINA. For years indigenous missionaries visited a remote Muslim village as “social workers,” but one day they identified themselves as Christians. The impoverished people welcomed the workers, who provided winter clothes for the upcoming cold. Many villagers heard the gospel and asked them to return. To provide aid to 20 Muslim families, the team needs five donors to provide $70 each. Pray that this door will remain open despite increasing restrictions.

March 9, Friday
Bible Correspondence Courses

INDONESIA. A native ministry provides basic discipleship to young pastors through correspondence courses. Also, many curious Muslims have come to Christ through the same basic courses. Ten donors are sought to give $77 each for course publishing and distribution. Pray for truth to prevail amid strong Muslim and occult practices.

March 10, Saturday
Industrial-Strength Tents for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. Winds and rains tear tent materials apart, leaving desperate refugee families soaked. The stronger industrial tarps ($60 each) that indigenous missionaries provide to replace them open the door to sharing the gospel, and people are secretly coming to Christ in droves. Pray for a mighty harvest among Muslim refugees in this historic opening.

March 11, Sunday
Operation for Indigenous Missionary

WEST BENGAL. Many indigenous missionaries struggle to overcome disease. The leader of one of a native ministry’s 100 Child Education and Development Centers has a tumor in her stomach and needs an operation; 10 donors giving $165 would cover the cost. Pray for successful surgery and peace for her, her husband and two sons.

March 12, Monday
Livestock Livelihood for Widows

MAURITANIA. An indigenous ministry provides loans and livestock so widows can sell animals and their by-products, enabling them to provide for their impoverished children and grandchildren. Aging grandmothers thankful for this livelihood experience the grace of Christ, and any amount will be appreciated for them and other widows to buy animals and feed. Pray for spiritual growth amid Islamic culture hostile to Christ.

March 13, Tuesday
Training for Multiplying Churches

SPAIN. House churches are multiplying as indigenous missionaries proclaim Christ to their countrymen and to Muslim refugees disillusioned with Islam. Intense discipleship training ($300 per month) transforms new Christians into church planters and leaders who disciple others in the same way. Pray that their fellowships would be unified and robust.

March 14, Wednesday
Bibles for Remote Peoples

PHILIPPINES. Preaching at wakes lasting several days, indigenous missionaries are frequently invited to share the gospel, with five or six souls typically receiving Jesus. Evangelistic opportunities in schools, government offices and community events also reach animist mountain tribes, and Bibles ($6 each) are needed to undergird all of these efforts. Pray God’s Word would take root.

March 15, Thursday
Wheels for the Gospel

BANGLADESH. Impoverished indigenous missionaries spend a lot of time walking the distances between villages that could be spent building relationships and sharing Christ, or else they have to pay for transportation. Bicycles would allow them to save time and money, and 19 evangelists are praying for bikes ($110 each). Please pray that God would send them in the power of the Holy Spirit.

March 16, Friday
Food for the Needy

UZBEKISTAN. With inflation of more than 120 percent last year, native missionaries are struggling to purchase food for homeless children and other needy people in this 96-percent Muslim country. They would like to distribute food bags among 210 young children and 250 other needy people ($8 per bag). Pray all obstacles to aid and evangelism will be overcome.

March 17, Saturday
Worship Site for Church

CHANDIGARH. Some 30 to 50 churches are no longer allowed to meet for worship in schools due to political pressures. An indigenous ministry’s church found another site but now must pay rent of $200 per month. Please pray for God’s provision, and that many more lost souls would come to worship Him.

March 18, Sunday
Living Costs for Missionaries

BOLIVIA. An indigenous missionary with Serving Jesus Christ Mission shared the gospel many times with an alcoholic who mistreated his wife, until at last the man saw his sin and need for Jesus. Free of alcohol, he now helps the missionary to proclaim Christ at open-air meetings. SJC has several more servants also trusting God for their living expenses ($110 per month, each). Pray for the Lord’s power and provision.

March 19, Monday
Food for the Poor Suffering Leprosy

VIETNAM. Tucked away in the Central Highlands is a community of 1,000 people with leprosy living in extreme poverty. A native ministry provides care packages ($11 each) of rice, sugar, dried fish and cooking oil, along with the gospel message, and now many of these otherwise forgotten ones know Jesus. Pray the Lord would be close to them with grace and healing.

March 20, Tuesday
Gospel Outreach to Remote Children

CHINA. After the local government and more than 10 schools in an area of Tibet gave permission, indigenous missionaries provided children with clothes, desks and water purifiers. Many children heard the gospel as the ministry offered life-education, music/character camps and summer camps. The missionaries seek 10 donors to give $100 each for one visit to the remote area. Pray that supplies will reach the children.

March 21, Wednesday
Send Missionaries to Proclaim Christ

KENYA. Indigenous missionaries brave bandits and opposition from witchdoctors as they bring the light of Christ through the Jesus Film and other means. Since last July, gospel workers have seen more than 570 people attain eternal life in Christ. Each Christian worker needs just $120 a month for expenses. Pray that the churches formed will further transform their communities.

March 22, Thursday
Audio Bibles for the Blind

DELHI. Impoverished blind people given solar-powered audio Bibles felt great hope and encouragement as they listened to Scripture in their native Hindi for hours. Indigenous missionaries seek five donors to give $104 each to provide 100 more “Talking Bibles” to the blind. Pray that they find meaningful fellowship.

March 23, Friday
Bibles for Buddhists, Schoolchildren

BURMA. As Buddhists begin to read the Word of God, hearts open to the Lord Jesus. Native missionaries need thousands of Bibles ($6 each) to distribute to seekers, new believers and even children in the school system. Sometimes God’s Word can go where missionaries cannot. Pray that each Bible would draw individuals and families to Christ.

March 24, Saturday
Equip Workers to Serve the Poor

EGYPT. In a slum of Cairo, indigenous missionaries proclaim Christ to nearly 500 young factory workers susceptible to drugs and other destructive influences – and see many souls saved and families restored. The workers also provide food, health care, education and family counseling to needy people ($62 per person/month). Pray for the Holy Spirit to work deeply in their lives.

March 25, Sunday
Leadership Training for Churches

JAMMU AND KASHMIR. In one of the toughest terrains both spiritually and physically, an indigenous ministry’s leadership training program has helped raise and equip the manpower to keep up with the Holy Spirit’s power in turning hearts to Christ. The ministry reports there is an urgent need to sustain the program and seeks six donors to contribute $101 each for one month’s training. Pray that remote, resistant people will respond to God’s love.

March 26, Monday
Reconstruct Razed Church Building

KYRGYZSTAN. In a country where most people are atheists and 85 percent are Muslim, a Baptist church building was set ablaze on Christmas night following the congregation’s large-scale success in evangelizing. The church seeks 93 donors to provide $100 each for materials to begin reconstruction. Members continue to evangelize and hold services in harsh circumstances; pray for their protection.

March 27, Tuesday
Send Students to High School

KENYA. Students at a Christian school scored some of the highest marks in the country, including eight girls and six boys – orphans who cannot afford to go to high school. High school is not free in Kenya, and an indigenous ministry seeks $55 per student, $30 of that a monthly food cost and $20 for school supplies. Pray that Christian students will flourish.

March 28, Wednesday
Train Church Planters

NEPAL. Wide-ranging cultural differences in Nepal call for different approaches to evangelism and Christian practice. An indigenous ministry has the local knowledge to establish church- planting centers in each of the seven provinces to focus on particular people groups. They need 10 donors to give $165 per month to prepare 24 church planters per year. Pray that their vision will yield fruit.

March 29, Thursday
Leadership Training to Build Kingdom

PHILIPPINES. Native ministry Under His Wings seeks to train 20 new leaders in youth ministry and evangelism to bring the transformational love of Christ to children and families. After the training ($25 each), the leaders will share Christ with children, disciple them and train them to become Christian leaders. Pray for God to move mightily among the next generation.

March 30, Friday
Strengthen Beleaguered Pastors

TAMIL NADU. Working long hours with pastoral pressures from within and persecution from without, church leaders deeply need the refreshment and revival of gathering together. A native ministry is sponsoring a two-day conference for 55 pastors ($46 each) to renew their spirits. Pray they will find strength and unity to work with zeal.

March 31, Saturday
Release Powerful Force for the Gospel

CHRISTIAN AID. There is no greater force for reaching the unreached, making disciples of all nations and growing the body of Christ than indigenous missionaries – yet most of this powerful force is hobbled by poverty, poor health, persecution and lack of resources. Pray that Christian Aid Mission will further assist native missionaries who know best practices for reaching their people.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.