Your support of $30 a month helps rescue a child from danger and poverty, providing them with protection, love, care, and a solid foundation through hope in Christ.

Millions of children throughout the world have been abandoned, orphaned, or have run away from abusive situations. Without anyone to care for them, they live on the streets, vulnerable to predators and traffickers. Or, they live in squalor with parents who are unable to provide for their most basic needs. Malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, child labor schemes, prostitution, and crime steal their futures.

The indigenous ministries who receive help through Christian Aid Mission's child sponsorship program are committed to raising children in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord. Beyond food, clothing, shelter, and education, these children are lovingly discipled in God's Word, and many of them grow up to serve Him in full time ministry.

How it Works:

When you send a gift and commit to sponsor a child, Christian Aid Mission will send you the name, photo, and biographical sketch of the one assigned to you, along with information about the indigenous ministry responsible for them. This indigenous ministry will receive your monthly gifts, along with those from other sponsors, and distribute the aid equally to ensure that everyone is provided for according to need and without partiality.

Christian Aid Mission will send you updates on the fruit of your investment as we receive them. Sponsors can generally expect to receive these reports every six months.