Violence continues in Kenya

January 31, 2008

A letter to Christian Aid from Winnie Owiti of Ebenezer Life Center, Kenya:

"We were finally able to contact the Red Cross today to assist our church members in Naivasha (a town outside of Nairobi), but they say they cannot help. These believers have experienced terrible violence

There is no way out to get them money to buy food, because they cannot leave the camps. We are concerned about them; the rioters are targeting the camps, and the victims are afraid for their lives. If they can escape, we have asked these victims to come to Ebenezer where we will try to feed and house them."

It has been a very sad and difficult day for us, especially today. We cannot leave the house. This war is now taking another shape–it is becoming an ethnic war, where tribes are being targeted.

Thank you for your prayers. We will update you on the situation. We look up to heaven, to God from whom our help comes. I will keep you posted."

Pray for us,