Report from Sylvester Okang´o : Kenya Evangelism Team"

February 05, 2008

"No Place in Kenya is Safe" - The Need in Still Huge and Growing Daily

Bishop Sylvester Okang´o, leader of Kenya Evangelism Team, writes:

"We are still in huge need in our ministry and country, as the post-election violence has claimed hundreds of lives and thousands of homes and churches."

"In Mt. Elgon there have been many killings, and the town of Gitwamba was totally burnt down. All of our KET churches were destroyed and all members ran away. Our two churches in Eldoret and 15 churches in Mount Elgon are severely affected, and members of those churches are homeless. We are trying to help with our little resources, but we need more support to help."

"There has been no peace since the time we held general elections on December 27, 2007. The voting was done peacefully, but after that the devil confused everything. There was no truth in announcing the real winner. So people started rioting, killing people, burning houses, shops, vehicles and looting. There is no security. People are living in much fear, not knowing what might come next."

"Three churches were burned with people inside, one had over 200 people inside. Property worth millions was destroyed, animals have been killed, and thousands of people are displaced. They ran for safety and are camped in the marketplaces, churches, police stations and schools."

"Now traveling is very, very expensive, as there is no fuel and most of the vehicles are not working. Commodities are too expensive and are scarce. There is great confusion everywhere. We are praying, trusting our Almighty God to intervene. Pray for us, also, and if there is any emergency relief support, please send it to us so that we may help these people. Recently we went in some areas where people are camped. We took to them foodstuffs, clothes and blankets, but this was not enough, because there are so many people. I praise the Lord, for His work is continuing. Pray for Kenya."

Sylvester Okango of Kenya Evangelism Team further writes:

"Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. The situation here is getting worse every day. Yesterday more than 30 people were hacked to death. This has caused more tension and clashes everywhere in the country. The roads are closed to and from Nairobi, and the roads to Eldoret have been destroyed. For three weeks 453 people have taken refuge in two of our churches. More may come because of continued clashes and killing."

"We have overwhelming needs here: food, blankets, mattresses, mosquito nets, etc. Our church is full to capacity and we need to put up a temporary structure to accommodate more, especially children and pregnant mothers. We need your prayers. If you can share with friends and those of the household of faith to assist these innocent mothers and children in any way, we would appreciate it very much. We love you and are praying."