Report from Winnie Owiti :: Ebenezer Life Center

February 06, 2008

"It has been days since we were locked in our house in Ahero a few miles from Kisumu, a main center of recent violence after the general elections" reports Winnie Owiti, leader of Ebenezer Life Center."

Describing the recent election, Winnie Owiti writes, "The process was peaceful and we, as Kenyans, were very proud of ourselves. The counting of votes in the constituencies went very well. There was no problem until the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) started delaying the announcements that were coming through the media directly and informing the public of what was going on.

Kenyans were aware that Honorable Raila Amollo Odinga was leading with the presidential votes, but all of a sudden the chairman of ECK started making statements that he did not know why some information had not reached him, while the media had full information of the same. He said that the media should stop airing any information without his approval. All of a sudden the old president, Kibaki, started gaining votes and was declared the winner. Ever since that time, Kenya has not been the same.

We had stocked food, and so it will take us to the end of this week. We surely need prayers. It is not easy. Everything has suddenly stopped in Kenya – it is chaos and violence. Pray for peace again to prevail in Kenya. We also need justice to prevail. We hope next week will be peaceful and things will resume. Pray for us."