A letter to Christian Aid from Christian Aid Field Rep, John Rono

February 07, 2008

"The situation here is getting worse. Two of Raila Odinga´s legislators have been shot dead. Violence is getting more organized and everything is difficult. I have been in my house for days, you have to walk if you must go to town. There´s no driving, which means no public transportation.

Everything is so expensive, if you are even able to get it, especially food. We are in a mess. There are several people in camps without anything to eat or drink. At times I have 20 people in the house who need a place to stay, since their houses were destroyed.

My friend Robert´s wife was shot in the leg. We took her to the hospital to remove the bullet.

If you are stopped on the street, they demand your phone and your money. They have stopped me twice in 2 weeks, so I lost all my contacts.

The water department next to a church was burned to the ground along with 15 new four-wheel drive vehicles."