A letter to Christian Aid from Winnie Owiti of Ebenezer Life Center, Kenya

February 08, 2008

"Today we were very grateful to God that we were able to provide transportation for 66 people who have been displaced by post election violence and were staying at a police station in Kisumu for the past three weeks."

"Also, today we organized transportation for 200 people to leave the violence-prone areas in Nakuru and Naivasha and camp in safer places. They also have lost everything, and will have to start from scratch. We will receive them at Ebenezer tomorrow. This means we will have extra expenses. There are 60,000 people misplaced in Naivasha alone. We had five churches in Naivasha. There are 20,000 people who need to be moved urgently to places of safety. Since the government does not care about these people, we must do something as a church and save their lives. Thank you again for your cooperation in this matter. Together we can save lives."