Miraculous Breakthrough in Burma

March 18, 2008

4,700 Buddhist Monks Accept Christ as their Savior.

For many years Christian Aid has been helping ministries in Burma and has witnessed many wonderful reports from missionaries laboring in this troubled land. But this latest startling report tells of 4,700 Buddhist monks who accepted Christ as their Savior.

This miracle came about amid a backdrop of more than a decade of political cruelty toward certain Burmese ethnic minorities. Over the years, 3000 villages in eastern Burma have been destroyed and the people were either killed or driven into remote mountainous areas.

In August of last year, the government doubled the price of fuel and food when it was already priced at exorbitant rates. It came as a surprise to the rest of the world then, when Buddhist monks led peaceful demonstrations against the government protesting rising costs, as well as the repressive government.

It was in the midst of this darkness that Buddhist monks and nuns began inviting Christian missionaries to come and share the gospel in the privacy of their monasteries. One of the ministries supported by Christian Aid sent this report: "It appears that the Holy Spirit had urged these monks and nuns to call our evangelists to come and share the gospel of hope and love. After several intense discussions, close to 80% of the monks present in each of the monasteries raised their hands to accept Christ, and then received Christ as their Lord and Savior."