Facing Death in Chad

April 21, 2008

Consistently listed in the world´s 10 poorest nations, Chad must deal with Darfur refugees, Islamic extremists, unstable government, and as of late, war, as Sudan and Libya-backed rebel attacks have completely terrorized and destabilized the nation.

A Chadian missionary reports:

"January 30 was when we started hearing about the rebel advance to N´djamena. We are so used to problems here in Chad that we didn´t think it serious. So we made no contingency arrangements, but continued plans for our normal programs but alas! We were taken completely by surprise, as we heard that villages close to us had fallen into the hands of the rebels.

We soon realized that our hideout would not be safe, as the whole area was fast becoming a base for rebels headed towards the presidential palace. As we saw jets flying over us, dropping bombs randomly on nearby neighborhoods, we knew they could hit us at any time. However, we remained calm in prayer, waiting only for God to direct us, as we trusted Him for protection.

After three days of this terror, there was a little calm, so we managed to make our way to the Cameroon border, along with tens of thousands of other refugees. I was particularly moved to tears of compassion for the massive move of refugees to an unknown destination. We decided to go to Nigeria to get some respite from our trauma, as we prayerfully prepare to return.

As long as rebels remain within Chad, there is danger of more attacks. In the meantime we see the possibility of reaching out to the thousands of these refugees with any help that is given us."