Update on the Crisis in Burma

May 07, 2008

"My family and I live in Rangoon (Yangon) and I can tell you that the whole city was horrified by the number of causalities, death, and the destruction of property and landscape. Some of the homeless are being temporarily sheltered in public school buildings but they are lacking in basic necessities. Once these essential needs have been met, clean-up and restoration are two more urgent matters that need immediate attention. If this important health issue is not addressed soon, the areas affected will be dealing with an additional burden of epidemic diseases."

Christian Aid is grateful for the number of compassionate supporters who have already contacted us to give their financial assistance and prayers. While there is an immediate and desperate need for your help, we know that this is going to be on-going project. Please pray that the jobs at hand will be accomplished and that the Lord will be glorified through his body of believers here and abroad.