CHAD: Christian Aid is the only help we received

May 16, 2008

The masses continue to suffer as Chadian rebels, backed by Sudan, continue to fight against the Chadian government. Christian Aid received the following update from a ministry leader in Chad:

"More people are taking refuge in Cameroon. Suicide is on the rise. Meanwhile, Chadian authorities are investing in weapons and the reconstruction of their military bases. More land is being turned into battlefields, leaving people to wonder if there is any hope for peace.

We are grateful to God for the support from Christian Aid, which is the only help we have received for meeting the needs of several families and individuals. We were able to provide 50 bags of rice, several gallons of oil and other provisions to the families within N´djamena and Kousseri. We also shared with them the good news.

The challenges we face are many. Security is our main concern. Only last week the leader of a humanitarian children´s organization was murdered. Secondly, the needs of the people are overwhelming. Tears came to my eyes, as people who had waited in line to get food at a refugee camp had to return empty-handed. Many come to us asking for food. Transportation is also a challenge, as the refugee camps are far apart and our motorbike was stolen. We are trusting the Lord for a small car to help us transport supplies."