After the Burma cyclone many more are dying

May 22, 2008

"Many who survived the cyclone are now on the verge of death because of a lack of food, water, or shelter from the wind, rain, and cooler weather," comes news from a ministry assisted through Christian Aid Mission. It is expected that even more will die as injuries and ensuing diseases go untreated. There has been a rise in the number of cases of diarrhea. This malady quickly causes dehydration and death in children, even though it could be easily treated with proper medical attention.

Apparently, the aid being distributed by the military is going to Buddhists only. "We have to help our Christian people because they will not receive any help from the government," says a ministry leader. "We are crying out to God." Because they are local citizens, Christians in Burma have been able to purchase some supplies with funds recently received from Christian Aid.

Christians are extending their help to everyone in need that they can – including Buddhists. Clean water and food is being given to as many as possible, in the name of Christ. But their water supply is only temporary. Generators are needed to pump the wells. Increasingly, medicines for diarrhea, cholera and malaria are becoming as essential as food and water.

Another ministry leader wrote, "In response to the cyclone, we have started a new outreach, Nargis Grace Mission for Myanmar, focusing on helping the homeless, those who have no food, no water, preaching the gospel to them, church planting, and taking care of homeless and parentless children.

"We sent missionary Paul and one Bible student to Sitkung village and Thingngu Village on May 16 with some rice bags, breads, water proof raincoats and water. We have two churches there. Paul and the student just came back to us yesterday and reported: 'They were so thankful that they received some food. The needs are so great. All of their houses are completely gone. They have no place to sleep and they are just sitting all night in the rain and praying that the rain may stop. I was there one night with them and could not sleep because we were soaking wet. We need to help them to have a shelter where they can live. The water is so bad. People are having dysentery and, in fact, some people died. These are what they need: shelter, food, pure water, mosquito nets, clothes, blankets, cups and medicines.' "

"Today we will buy more rice bags, purified water, medicines, breads and other things, and we will go to those people tomorrow. Thank you, Christian Aid, for your constant prayer and financial support."