Togo Missionaries Prevent Tribal War

June 30, 2008

Christopher Djatta, ministry leader of Warriors for Christ (WFC) in Togo, works to disciple and train new believers to become missionaries to their own tribes. Once these believers finish their training, Christopher helps them establish tent making projects that will allow them to support their own ministries. WFC missionaries work among seven unreached tribes throughout the nation.

Without a visible means of income, missionaries are immediately suspect: Where do they get their money? Are they thieves? These small businesses help support both the work and the missionary family, while opening doors for ministry.

He also provides care, education and the knowledge of God´s Truth to 28 children whose parents cannot provide for them or who have been abandoned or orphaned.

Christopher recently sent the following report to Christian Aid about a tribal war that a WFC missionary couple unknowingly prevented during a gospel outreach:

"The Janjangou people and the Tontodi people were preparing to go to war with each other when our workers came to share the gospel with them. These people had never heard the name of Christ before.

While visiting the Tontodi people, missionary Abraham and his wife showed them the Jesus film, expecting the same type of reaction that we usually get from other tribes. Typically, people are compelled to weep when they watch Jesus being nailed to the cross. But surprisingly, the Tontodi people started laughing!

Finally, the couple showed them a film on witchcraft and they became somber. During the invitation to receive Christ as Savior, everyone present (more than 500 people) including the chief, responded. By God´s grace, we will return to them in September for disciple training."

WFC´s 38 workers are planting churches and discipling new believers in Togo´s interior. Recently, the ministry held a comprehensive training session for these workers. In March 2009, Christopher hopes to hold another five-month session, for the specific purpose of training them to reach Muslims. Islam has taken root in several northern villages. Beautiful mosques and hospitals from the BID (Bank of Islamic Development) have been constructed in these villages, where the gospel has never been spoken. In 2009 WFC expects to have more than 60 workers sharing the gospel throughout Togo. (546WFC)