Ministry Needs Help to Rebuild Kenya

July 3, 2008

Latest report from Sylvester Okang´o, Christian Aid-assisted ministry leader of Kenya Evangelism Team:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

We express our thanks to Almighty God for the protection of our lives and the supply of our needs. We thank you, as the body of Christ, for sending us aid. We have received abundantly from your ministry.

Giving food to displaced people

Through your support, missionaries, children and others have been blessed greatly. We have received means of transportation to reach the unreached people more easily. Thank you for all the gifts of motorbikes, bicycles, and even vehicles, for our traveling to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your support has enabled us to build many houses for the needy people and reach many villages with the gospel.

As you know, Mt. Elgon was attacked by a terrorist group, called the Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF). At their hands, many people were brutally killed, attacked, raped and even set on fire. They burned houses, churches and schools, and robbed the people of their food, livestock and other belongings. It became even worse after the January 1 general elections.

Many women have been left without husbands, and children without fathers. People were attacked, killed and left to die in the forests. Others were forced to join the SLDF. Some of the survivors were blinded when the SLDF gorged out their eyes. Others´ ears, noses, tongues, genitals and limbs were chopped off. Some were forced to eat human flesh or feces, and walk on their knees for long distances. Countless others were kidnapped and raped.

Conditions for the internally displaced in Kenya

I found a semi-paralyzed, 84-year-old widow, who hid in a banana plantation while her hut was being burned by the SLDF terrorists. Her neighbors were killed. Pray that the Lord would provide $2,200 so we can construct a home for her. She was left without clothes, bedding and other household items.

The government sent soldiers to fight against the SLDF. They killed the SLDF leader. After his death, many rebels surrendered their weapons to the government.

Throughout this ordeal, we have not ceased to preach the gospel. We have gone house to house preaching peace and hope to the people. During a recent open-air meeting, 115 souls were won to Christ. Those who believed Jesus as their Savior were taken to a nearby river for baptism. More than 30 were healed and set free from demonic powers.

Food for the internally displaced in Kenya

We also held a four-day women´s seminar. Hundreds attended and went into the villages to preach the gospel. Please pray that they may stand firm and be soul winners in their villages.

Brethren, your support was so timely, as it arrived just as I was planning to return home from the camps, where I had been ministering to the internally displaced for two months. Life in the camps was very difficult, without clean water and proper sanitation. The funds you sent helped to buy some food and clothing for children. I am back at home now, glory to God!

Please pray for me, that I might obtain the funds to reconstruct housing, which was destroyed. Iron sheets were taken from the roof, and even the doors were stolen. Our school was also destroyed, and all the materials were taken. Pray for $5,000 to put up a new building.

Other Prayer Requests:

Yours in His service,

Sylvester M. Okang´o

Update from another Christian Aid-assisted ministry leader in Kenya:

We have continued to reach out to the internally displaced people in the camps. Last night it was raining heavily, but many stood in the rain for about two hours to watch our gospel film.

Many thanked us for bringing the film, and commented that it has really helped to bring peace and unity to the camps. They told me that before they saw the Jesus film, there was a lot of bitterness and hatred among them. They fought over food, ripping open the bags and scattering the food all over the ground, so that no one could eat it.

Last night at the film showing a 5-year-old girl named Njeri was standing behind me and thanked me for bringing the film. She told me that her mother was burned to death during the political unrest. Then she told me to look behind her, and there was her father with big wounds all over his body from when he was burned inside their house. She told me that they do not have food–that they had just finished their last bit of rice.

Another little boy, about 8 years old, who became an orphan after his parents were killed in the violence, also approached me and asked if I could give him some small job to do so that he can buy a uniform to go back to school. The life in these camps is so difficult and so discouraging. Not everyone has a tent. My heart was so touched when I finished the film and several people asked me if I would allow them to sleep on top of the screen, as they would otherwise have to sleep on the muddy ground.