Intense Eritrean Persecution Continues

October 11, 2008

Eritrea is about the size of Pennsylvania and is located on Africa's east coast on the Horn of Africa. Population is approximately 5 million.

Here, in this small nation, Christians are routinely arrested and sent to military camps or underground prisons, where they are severely tortured unless they agree to renounce their faith.

Since 2002, the Eritrean government only recognizes four religions: Muslim (which comprise 50 percent of the population), Coptic, Catholic, and Lutheran. These three Christian religions are generally in no danger, as long as they remain nominal, without showing any evidence of true spirituality. Evangelical Christians face severe consequences if found carrying a Bible, praying, partaking in communion, engaging in baby dedications, or even having weddings.

Devastated by 30 years of war, drought, and lack of infrastructure, Eritrea is desperately poor. Western aid agencies, however, have ceased offering support due to the nation´s blatant support of terrorist activity.

Underground church leaders have extremely limited resources to meet the material and spiritual needs of believers suffering under persecution. However, Christian Aid is in communication with native Eritrean believers who can provide funds to those in desperate need. Please help our brothers and sisters in Eritrea.