Death of Religion in Albania Made Way for Life in Christ

October 13, 2008

Shortly after World War II, Albania was officially declared to be the world´s first atheistic state. Marxist dictator, Enver Hoxha, claimed to have murdered God and called this his greatest achievement. In the end, however, all he really accomplished was murdering religious practices.

For those wishing to learn about Christ, true Christian literature is scarce. There is a lot of propaganda claiming to be of Christian origin, but does not recognize Christ as the living God and Savior of sinners. While there are some books considered to be sound Christianity, they are very small in number and geared toward younger believers.

Albanian Translation Ministries (ATM), a native ministry helped through Christian Aid, has been striving to meet this need. "In view of the fact that the Albanian church is now 18 years old and acknowledging that we have some 'milk' books, but no 'meat' ones, our aim is to translate great books from our long heritage of Christian literature. This will give a stronger foundation to mature Christians – especially in church leadership," reported the ministry leader. When asked about the doctrinal statement of this translation ministry, he replied: "Gospel-related books only!"