Nigerian Christians murdered, left homeless by organized Muslim attack

December 12, 2008

The following report was received by Christian Aid from a native missionary living in Jos, Nigeria.

"Unknown to me and the other believers living in Jos [farming city located high on Plateau State in central Nigeria], Muslim terrorists from surrounding states had quietly infiltrated the city days before the November 27 election of the local council.

They knew, just as we did, that the Christian-backed People´s Democratic Party would win.

And they were ready with their guns and machetes to murder our families and burn our homes because of the votes we cast.

The Muslim Hausa ethnic group, which dominates northern Jos, had sent for Muslim mercenaries from surrounding states in Nigeria to inconspicuously enter Jos with weapons and mock military uniforms to attack us if the election did not go their way.

By the evening of Saturday, November 29, government troops were ordered to arrest offenders and shoot on sight. The majority of Muslims who died during the chaos were involved in clashes with police and security forces, many of whom fired at civilians."

Christian Aid can provide help for these suffering believers through Missionary Crusader´s Ministry. MCM urgently needs to provide blankets ($15), bedding ($60) and generators ($600). Funds in any amount for food, medicine, temporary shelter and rebuilding homes and churches are also needed. Donations to Christian Aid should be designated 550MCM-for victims of violence.