Healing in Kenya - One Year After the Violence

January 29, 2009

Since the horrendous post-election violence in Kenya, which destroyed families and devastated towns and villages, Kenya Evangelism Team has worked diligently to help those left in the wake of the destruction.

Christian Aid just received the following report from KET ministry leader, Sylvester Okango, who recently visited KET churches located in Eldoret and Mt. Elgon–two regions strongly affected by the violence. KET is also involved in ministry to the unreached in other areas of Kenya.

"Our team traveled to the city of Eldoret, the epicenter of the post-election violence. Here, one of our churches was burned to the ground with people trapped inside. We met at the site of the church with 100 pastors from the region who had gathered to meet us for encouragement and prayer for the healing of Kenya. Though it has lessened slightly throughout the past year, ethnic tension remains.

A structure built to replace a church building in Eldoret that was burned down

"Next, we visited Mt Elgon. We were welcomed by Christians and non-Christians living in tents at a camp for the internally displaced. Several we met with had their ears and other limbs chopped off in the violence–a permanent reminder of the hatred that erupted between tribal groups. It will take quite some time to bring things to normal because of the ethnic tension, famine and sickness. We received many requests for food, medicine and assistance in constructing houses.

God bless you,
Sylvester Okango"

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