Suffering Continues in Kenya

April 1, 2009

More than a year after the horrendous post-election violence erupted in Kenya, 10 million people face starvation. Hundreds of thousands were displaced, including farmers who have not returned to their homes to produce crops. Famine has overtaken the nation. The power-sharing agreement between the two opposing parties, which was supposed to heal the nation, has done nothing to help the suffering masses. Instead, Kenya´s corrupt government officials, among the highest paid in the world, refuse to pay taxes on their bloated salaries and continue to engage in numerous scandals.

The following is a letter received by Christian Aid from Sylvester O´kango, ministry leader of Kenya Evangelism Team:

Dearly Beloved Brethren,

We have described in earlier newsletters the political unrest in early 2008–the result of the corrupt election process and long-simmering tribal animosities. Our city of Kitale was largely spared from violence, but in the villages circling the town, the suffering was extreme. On top of farmers not being able to plant last year because they were chased off their farms, now the whole country is experiencing serious drought, meaning another planting season lost. This is a catastrophe.

Hungry people receiving maize

Prices of staple foods are still rising, with maize flour up about 400 percent–unobtainable by the majority of Kenyans. The headlines in the Kenyan papers recently announced that because of famine, 10 million people were starving to death.

Because of the Kenyan government´s corrupt policies and practices, which are largely responsible for the crisis in the first place, the U.S. and other nations refuse to help at this time.

Contrary to government claims, there are still many camps where people are living. They have cordoned off the area so that no one distributes food because they are using hunger to try to force people to go back to their homes.

None of the large aid organizations are going there. We have talked to eye witnesses that say people are eating leaves to survive. So many men were killed that some villages are comprised entirely of women and children. It is up to the smaller organizations on the ground to help them. We are trusting God that we may get funds to buy clothing, food, blankets, etc., to help these needy people.

God bless you all,

Sylvester O´kango
Ministry Leader of Kenya Evangelism Team

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