Pakistan–A National Tragedy

June 4, 2009

The mass displacement has been compared to that of Rwanda and Bosnia, and the catastrophe as vast as Pakistan´s earthquake in 2005.

Over two million people have managed to make it out of the combat zone. Of these, one million are living in refugee camps. Another 1.2 million have shunned government camps and sought alternative places of refuge. Some are staying with friends and relatives, while others just fend for themselves any way they can. Those who can afford it are renting hotels or other accommodations.

But hundreds of thousands of people are still trapped in the Swat Valley. Many of these are the sick and elderly, and they may never make it out. Some will die from a lack of vital medical care and others will simply be killed in the midst of continual devastation around them.

Refugees live in tents far outside the city.

"They all need our help and the needs are great. Our mission is two-fold: We are trying to provide them with the basics–food, water, and hygiene facilities. We have also been able to give out Bibles, both to Christians and to any others who are showing an interest, thanks to Christian Aid. In spite of the turmoil around us, the Lord has provided opportunities to take the Word of God to displaced people in various camps," writes a brother who ministers in this area of the world.

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