The Church in Burma is Growing Despite Obstacles

July 13, 2009

Devastating cyclones, bitter ethnic wars, and human rights abuses have all had a part in contributing to the poverty and spiritual darkness that characterizes Burma today. Despite this opposition, the church in Burma is gaining ground against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12).

Christian Aid assists a number of ministries in Burma which give the following reports concerning their various strategies for spreading the gospel:

"I am conducting meetings with the churches, pastors, and workers, exhorting them to stand firm in the faith. These are fiery times for testing their faith. The government has put high restrictions on work among the cyclone victims. They presume that what we are doing is for political purposes."

Local church planted by native missionaries

"Because of your faithful and consistent support, my workers and I were able to reach 300 Buddhists. We shared about the last days and distributed tracts among them. In another area we were able to distribute rice and used clothing, as well as medicine for the elderly and ailing. This particular tribe lives in a secluded area, so we were able to preach the gospel."

"Week-long evangelistic camp meetings in remote towns and villages are held wherever the Lord opens the door. Relationships are built by providing for some of their needs, such as food, medicine, and nursing care. The Word is preached and Bibles are given out. When our evangelistic team leaves the village, we leave behind a church planter."

While much has been accomplished, much needs to be done. Many people who survived the cyclone are still without adequate shelter or other basic necessities. More follow-up is needed in the remote villages where the gospel has been heard for the first time. Income generating projects, such as raising pigs or ducks, will help the people re-establish their lives. (Businesses that were destroyed during the cyclone are no longer a source of income.)