Reaching the Unreached . . . In Prison

July 14, 2009

Ministry leads a Bible study for inmates

There are segments in every culture that are often neglected when it comes to evangelization: the homeless, AIDs victims, drug addicts, the physically impaired (including the deaf, blind, and paraplegic), the mentally impaired or mentally ill, criminals in prison (and their families), or parolees seeking help to re-establish their lives.

Prison Outreach of Ecuador (POE) works with prisoners. They not only address the need of salvation and a new life in Christ to the prisoners, but also reaches out to the extended families. And their witness does not stop when they exit the prison gates; it follows the ex-cons as they prepare for productive lives in the community.

Returning to ". . . family life and finding employment with a criminal record and lack of skills are enormous challenges," Angel Aguirre told Christian Aid. Angel, an ex-convict himself, has first-hand experience in such matters. "Our ministry has seven facets: evangelism, discipleship, social work, leadership training, legal aid, scholarships, and financial assistance. Women constitute about 9% of Ecuador´s prison population. A children´s ministry is another aspect of our work–including children who come to visit their parents. Our prison ministry extends beyond the walls of the 12 institutions we serve," he explains.