Persecution Continues for Laotian Believers

August 7, 2009

Typical rural village in Laos where Christians live. Despite what the Constitution of Laos decrees, small villages are subject to the tyranny of their local authorities.

The Laotian Constitution states: Lao citizens have the right and freedom to believe or not to believe in religions. Yet Christian believers´ rights were once again violated by local officials of Katin Village in the Ta-Oyl District of Saravan Province.

One day in July 2009, the village chief, volunteer security force, village elders, and some villagers of Katin Village in Ta-Oyl District of Saravan Province, Laos, broke into the pig pens of new believers and confiscated a pig from nine families (53 members) after the believers returned home from fellowship meetings.

Village officials stated that the seizure of the pigs was a form of punishment imposed on the nine families who had ignored their order forbidding them from believing in the Christian faith. By choosing to exercise their constitutionally-guaranteed freedom to believe in God and practice their faith, each of the nine Lao families suffered the economic loss of a pig, which is the equivalent of one and one-half months of salary for one working person.