The Church in Vietnam under Attack

August 10, 2009

Christian Aid just received another disturbing report from Pastor Mai Hong Sanh of the Vietnam Good News Mission Church: "On July 31, 2009 at 8:00 A.M., I was summoned to a Public Denunciation Trial organized by town authorities. The town authorities had previously arranged for three members of another local Protestant church to testify against me. These members gave statements saying I drew them away from their church and caused disunity. They also accused me of violating public security, seizing their property and land, and for preaching heresy."

"The plaintiffs were never asked to produce evidence for these allegations. Further, they did not allow me to defend my position, and all my objections were suppressed," Pastor Sanh reported.

"In sum, I was found guilty. They charged me personally, and humiliated our church as well," he lamented. Pastor Sanh was sentenced to three months of what is euphemistically referred to as "re-education."

In Vietnam, "re-education" could mean anything from brainwashing to dehumanization.

This is a time when fervent prayer is needed for these indigenous pastors, missionaries and believers. Pray especially for their steadfastness and the Lord´s intervention for the church in Vietnam.