O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing!

August 13, 2009

In most cultures, deaf and/or otherwise impaired individuals are a neglected segment of society. Some mission agencies list the deaf population in about 40 countries as being an Unreached People Group.

Central Asia is noted for having three countries where the deaf are counted as being "unreached." In one country alone, there is a rather large population of deaf (approximately 107,000 people) and only 0.3% have heard the gospel.

When the deaf pray, they watch the signing of the one who prays.

The leader of a ministry in Central Asia reports that he now has many deaf or signing missionaries working in various locations throughout the region.

For over 50 years, Christian Aid has been proclaiming the merits of indigenous missionaries. This approach is especially relevant for this situation. Who else but the deaf are able to go into restricted countries, travel easily, communicate in the native sign language, and reach this unreached segment of society with the Good News?