Christian Wedding Ceremony Sparks Violence in Pakistan

August 14, 2009

A Christian family in Pakistan cut up pieces of paper to be used as confetti in an upcoming wedding. Out of this innocent act, a ridiculous rumor spread saying that the pieces of paper were really pages ripped out from the Koran and shredded.

Violence erupted in Korian and Gojra against the Christian communities and many people were killed. People are in shock.

Many are destitute of shelter and clothing. Various agencies are struggling to get food, water, and other basic necessities to the victims.

Christian Aid asked a ministry leader in Pakistan how to help. He said that every family is asking for a Pay´tee. This is a large metal container (similar to a trunk) that is used for storing their possessions. There are so many people without a home to go to. They were burned or otherwise destroyed during the riots. Like all homeless people, they have nowhere to put the items they managed to salvage. A Pay´tee costs about $130.

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