Muslim terrorism and fierce windstorm affect Christians in Nigeria

Islamic Violence Threatens Peace in Nigeria

September 10, 2009

Borno, Yobe, and Kano states of Northern Nigeria have been primarily affected by the violence.

As July came to a close, violence erupted in northern Nigeria, a hotbed of Muslim/Christian tension. More than 700 have been killed, 2,000 arrested, and six churches destroyed by members of a Muslim terrorist group known as Boko Haram, which means "western education is sin." It aims to cleanse the Nigerian government of its western influences and impose Sharia law throughout the country.

The terrorist group bombed a police station with fuel-soaked motorcycles and attacked officers with poisonous arrows. This outbreak of violence is the second this year, following the Muslim attack on Christians in Jos in February.

Christians living in northern Nigeria are in great danger, as they are viewed by Islamic extremists as products of western influence. Pray especially for MCM missionaries who are ministering there. Though the ministry´s headquarters is not located in this region, 35 extremists were arrested in close proximity to the ministry´s office, which is owned by a Muslim.

Christian Aid has been trying for several years to provide funds ($30,000) for MCM to relocate its headquarters closer to its school of missions´ property. As Islamic violence increases, this need has clearly become more urgent.

Violent Windstorm Destroys Homes in 40 Villages & Mission Base belonging to Missionary Crusaders Ministries

Gabriel Barau, ministry leader of Missionary Crusaders Ministries in Nigeria, recently sent word to Christian Aid of a severe windstorm that devastated 40 villages in which MCM is ministering to unreached tribes in Kano state in northern Nigeria, as well as an MCM mission base among the unreached Kamberi tribe.

Christian Aid had originally sent funds to Gabriel to purchase a ministry vehicle, when he requested that this money be used to rebuild MCM´s base and some of the homes that were destroyed.

Gabriel, with Esther and Ezekiel

Last year, MCM built the now-destroyed mission base among the backward and neglected Kamberi people. Esther and Ezekiel, the first missionary couple from among the extremely primitive Koma tribe (the first tribe to be reached with the gospel through MCM) were sent there to befriend and share the gospel with the Kamberi.

The chief of the Kamberi is Muslim and is very resistant to the gospel, as mandated by the higher Muslim authorities who instated him. The Kamberi people, however, have resisted Islam because it has been used to intimidate or force them into submission.

Mission base among the Kamberi people destroyed by the windstorm

Conversely, many local Kamberi tribal leaders see Christianity as a good and compassionate religion due to its holistic approach in meeting their practical needs, specifically the provision of water, zinc roofs, and primary schools.

Muslims in the region have observed the success of MCM´s efforts, and are now ridiculing and challenging the ministry in light of MCM´s lack of immediate funds to replace the mission base. They are offering the Kamberi money to rebuild their villages, but the Kamberi are resisting so as not to be obligated to Islam.

Gabriel and MCM missionaries have begun to display the love and compassion of Christ as they rebuild the homes of those devastated by the windstorm. Please remember these faithful servants in your prayers.

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