Floods in India and Southeast Asia Leave Millions Homeless

October 9, 2009

Recently floods in south India and in the Philippines brought devastation and an appeal for help by Christians and indigenous ministries located in the affected areas. And not far away in Indonesia, an earthquake destroyed over 100,000 homes in the largest city in West Sumatra. Christians seek to help suffering Muslims.

India: Worst Flooding in Century Threatens to Claim More Lives

As of October 6, 2009, it is estimated that 270 people were killed due to flooding in the southern Indian States of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Another 2.5 million are homeless seeking refuge in government-run relief camps.

The leader of another ministry Christian Aid supports wrote this: "The scene was heartbreaking. Parents lost small children while trying to cross to safer place. Elderly people died, unable to fight against the thundering waters. There were screams from those on the roof tops as dead bodies floated by. Meanwhile, the rain continued and the floods kept rising. The town of Kurnool was under water and in darkness for three days."

Philippines: Flood Leaves Christian Survivors at Risk

Tropical storm Ketasana, known as Typhoon Ondoy, arrived in the Philippines on Saturday, September 26, dumping over 16 inches of rain in 12 hours in Manila, more than the average rainfall for all of September. In several areas of the city, floods were as high as 20 feet of water, and blocked drainage systems are keeping many areas under water.

Indonesia: Earthquake in Islamic Area Opens Opportunity for the Gospel

On Wednesday, September 30, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian city of Padang, trapping thousands under debris, with more than a thousand dead and perhaps 100,000 homes destroyed and another 50,000 damaged.

In the rural areas of Indonesia, aftershocks and mudslides contributed to the destruction of property and devastation or death of many more lives.

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