Severe flooding affects Ministries in West Africa: Sierra Leone

October 12, 2009

Thousands of war refugees living in the slums of Kroo Bay suffered much destruction and death during recent flooding.

Africa Director Rae Burnett first visited Trinity Gospel Ministries in war-devastated Sierra Leone in 1996. She observed the ministry´s merciful outreach to those living in severe poverty, as well as to amputees maimed by rebel soldiers in Sierra Leone´s bloody 10-year civil war.

TGM missionaries planted the first church in Kroo Bay, supposedly a temporary refuge for thousands of displaced people who had fled from the rebels who were terrorizing their villages. Converts made bricks from local materials and built the walls.

Kroo Bay sits on the ocean and below sea level. Recent flooding has devastated the community and caused the loss of lives. TGM´s worship service was interrupted when water began flowing into the church building.

Missionaries are visiting and encouraging those who have lost family members and property, but is financially limited in providing material aid to Kroo Bay residents.