New Pictures of the Flooding in India

October 23, 2009

An indigenous ministry in India sent these photos taken by a native missionary visiting the affected areas and seeking to help those in need. Use the form below to make a contribution for flood relief in India.

Streets were flooded...
Mud was left behind, everywhere.
Neighborhoods and businesses were affected.
Cleanup will take months.
Children look for food and supplies.
This was a church building by the sea.
A wall with Scripture still stands.
The electric poles came down and those wires are used for drying wet clothes. Governement officials said that it is going to take at least 3-4 months for electricity to return to this village.
This woman lost the roof of her house, which blew off and landed 50 feet away.
This man lost, not only his property, but also his family in the fury of the typhoon.
In this area, most of the houses are build from stone which were supposed to be "strong," but they too were completely destroyed.
A single mother sits with her children where her house once stood.
Another single mother stranded in the streets.
A famiy found a place to take shelter under a few trees.
The most important food, RICE, was destroyed in most stores.
Drinking water was given to villagers by some relief efforts. Much more is needed.

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