More Violence in the Philippines

November 20, 2009

To our fellow brethren at Christian Aid:

Here is a firsthand story of how harsh life is on Mindanao Island. This story concerns very dear friends of ours, whom I had the privilege of ministering to when they stayed with us for a while. They are from the Tausug tribe of Muslims. By God´s amazing grace, the gospel reached their hearts and those of their families. From that point forward their lives have never been the same. They must keep moving from place to place because of death threats.

One day they received an alarming message telling them that their aunt had been kidnapped by bandits, who were demanding a ransom. The family got together and sold their personal property, their land, and their houses. Even so, this was not enough, and they had to borrow more money. Despite these efforts, they were not able to come close to the ransom demand. They tried negotiating with the rebels, and fortunately, the abductors agreed to a smaller ransom. They were warned not to inform the authorities or it would cost the life of their aunt.

The father of our friend and a brother were chosen to take the money to a specified location. Together they delivered the money, but have not come back, even as of the date of this writing. It is believed that the father, brother, and aunt have all been murdered.

There are still many Tausug tribals needing to be reached for His kingdom. Please pray for them. Because of the extensive, uncontrolled violence of bandits, rebels, and other terrorists, every day is a struggle here. As Christians, it is another burden on our hearts to see more and more people dying without ever hearing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for these Tausug Muslim-background believers as they grieve the loss of their loved ones today. Pray for this ministry as we labor to reach souls and make disciples in this very dark place.

A Brother in Christ.