Native Missionaries Boldly Preach Christ

in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

November 24, 2009

Christian Aid sends financial help to more than 250 indigenous ministries based in South Asia. They send out missionaries, operate Bible institutes, maintain missionary training centers, care for homeless children, carry on gospel publishing, distribute literature, sponsor hospitals, operate medical clinics for the poor, and carry on a host of other works in the name of Christ. Every ministry is pressed to the limit and in continual need of financial help.

In South Asian countries God´s servants consistently endure verbal accusations, property destruction and death threats for the sake of the gospel. Yet, despite the persecution and hardships faced by believers in South Asia, hundreds of people are accepting Christ each day and new church fellowships are showing phenomenal growth in cities and villages. As more and more people become believers, they are being trained, discipled and encouraged to multiply as they share their faith with those around them.