Indigenous Christian Ministries Need Our Help in Haiti

January 19, 2010

While massive American aid is flowing into Haiti this week, Christian Aid Mission is looking at long-term support to indigenous missionaries. While emergency medical relief is being sent, overseas directors see a three or four year rebuilding program.

Christian Aid Mission however, is taking the "long view" in their response to help the real indigenous missions rebuild rather than focus on short-term relief which is being offered by government and humanitarian agencies.

"As in most such disasters," says a Christian Aid official, "medical help for the injured comes first, then long term efforts to rebuild homes of missionaries, Christian orphanages and schools as well as native missionary training centers."

Haitian officials estimate that over 50,000 may have been killed in the quake but the death toll continues to climb. The quake was the most powerful in 240 years and affects 1.8 million people who live in the immediate area of the epicenter near Port-au-Prince.

Christian Aid Mission has been assisting native missionary efforts in Haiti since 1970.