Video Bible Schools Key to Training 3000 New Missionaries in Russia

January 19, 2010

Radio and television allows the gospel to go into millions of homes every week throughout Eurasia in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Slavik Radchuk is helping local mission and church leaders train the next generation of indigenous missionaries in the former USSR. Through mission´s mobilization conferences, practical evangelistic outreaches and Video Bible Schools, he hopes to be able to mobilize another 3000 native missionaries in Eurasia.

In the rapidly changing world of the former USSR, there are over 76 people groups or ethnic nations – tens of millions are still unreached with the gospel. Over 120,000 villages in Russia alone are still without a church – and the situation is even worse in the most unreached central Asian republics of the former USSR.

Although Christian Aid field director Slavic Radchuk (099SLR) expects to plant 1000 new churches over the next two years, it is impossible to go through the newly opened doors without training more indigenous missionaries. He is asking Christian Aid Mission supporters in the USA to help him with a new effort to train the next 3000 missionaries.

Slavik Radchuk is developing Video Bible Schools to train 3000 new indigenous missionaries in Eurasian nations. (Christian Aid Photo)

"Our workers need training in the Biblical, New Testament way of planting churches following the model in the Book of Acts and other scriptures," says Slavik. He has been the field director of the former Soviet Union since 1994.

In order to reach this goal, he is planning a series of mission´s conferences throughout the former USSR in order to cast the vision for reaching "all nations" with the Gospel while the doors remain open.

Mission´s conferences and indigenous missionary training schools are key to Slavik´s 2010 outreach plan.

By producing a series of training videos, he believes it will be possible to train workers to accomplish the task. Government regulations require registered churches to have at least 100 members, so native missionaries need to be deployed quickly and be well trained in planting new, larger churches from the start. This is done through evangelistic festivals and other soul winning activities.

Over 100,000 people wrote in for Bibles and home study literature as a result of broadcasts last year!

In the first stage beginning in 2010, Slavik hopes to start 30 Video Bible Schools to train an average of 100 indigenous missionaries each. "It is no longer possible to depend on traveling Ukrainian evangelists to plant churches in the former USSR countries. Now we must train local in Russian and national languages."

Travel expenses, as well as upfront production costs for the training videos are still a big challenge. Slavik says that he can produce training videos for about $350 each and cover the average costs for a missionary conference with $900. To contribute to these costs, friends of Christian Aid Mission are asked to designate their missionary offerings to missionary account number 099SLR.